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X.Org Server is the free and open-source implementation of the X Window System (X11) display server stewarded by the X.Org Foundation.

Implementations of the client-side X Window System protocol exist in the form of X11 libraries, which serve as helpful APIs for communicating with the X server. Two such major X libraries exist for X11. The first of these libraries was Xlib, the original C language X11 API, but another C language X library, XCB, was created later in 2001. Other smaller X libraries exist, both as interfaces for Xlib and XCB in other languages, and as smaller standalone X libraries

The services with which the X.Org Foundation supports X Server include the packaging of the releases; certification (for a fee); evaluation of improvements to the code; developing the web site, and handling the distribution of monetary donations. The releases are coded, documented, and packaged by global developers.

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tldr... abbreviate.

caesar (edited ) src #5269

X.rg Srvr is th fr and opn-src implmnttin of th X Wndw Sstm (X11) dspl srvr stwrdd b th X.rg Fndtn. Implmnttns of th clnt-sd X Wndw Sstm prtcl exst in th frm of X11 lbrrs, whch srv as hlpfl APIs fr cmmnctng wth th X srvr. Tw sch mjr X lbrrs exst fr X11. Th frst of ths lbrrs ws Xlb, th orgnl C lngg X11 API, bt anthr C lngg X lbrr, XCB, ws crtd ltr in 2001. Othr smllr X lbrrs exst, bth as intrfcs fr Xlb and XCB in othr lnggs, and as smllr stndln X lbrrs. Th srvcs wth whch th X.rg Fndtn spprts X Srvr inclde th pckgng of th rlss; crtfctn (fr a f); evltn of imprvmnts t th cd; dvlpng th wb st, and hndlng th dstrbtn of mntr dntns. Th rlss ar cdd, dcmntd, and pckgd b glbl dvlprs.

ok i abbreviated.

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not that type of abbreviation...

i mean make it shorter, not strip vowels

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i did make it shorter.

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shorter as in cut out unnecessary words

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We cn already assume such has been done.

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hello everyone today i will be pressing control alt delete at 3 am (gone wrong)

thatguywithsoup src #5333

aka after pressing ctrl+alt+del you killed a system process.

bruhhhh task manager bsod

bruh2 (edited ) src #5341

kill csrss.exe


serverman (edited ) src #5375

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