thread 500, i think #500

amby src #5395

perhaps not thread 500 but i think this should be

amby src #5396


citrons (bureaucrat) src #5397

celebratory exclamation

viba src #5398

and i will walk 500 threads

bruh2 src #5399

and i would walk 500 more...

ah, i love this song.

serverman src #5401

just to be a post who walks 500 threads...

then we have 500 chunks which is hilarious. i like parodies.

mb src #5402

waow,, five hundred threads,,,,

serverman src #5403

500 yes

quintopia src #5406

man, we should have orchestrated having post 5000 land at the top of thread 500

serverman (edited ) src #5409

unfortunately, post 5000 was thatguywithsoup creating a thread.

amby src #5410

hey that means i have post 1000 and thread 500

serverman src #5412

haha yes

thatguywithsoup src #5435

500 more threads and we can put on a thousand miles threads!

citrons (bureaucrat) src #5437

this will take 2 years at the same pace. (do not spam threads to quicken the pace)

serverman src #5439


quintopia (edited ) src #5441

The pace has surely quickened since two years ago even without spam.

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