sunday night dance party #506

serverman (edited ) src #5815

i hate mondays

wait... is it 21 september 2014?

caesar did you apply the wrong changes?

thatguywithsoup src #5816

a1: no. 23 december 2023.

a2: yes.

caesar src #5817

no, i could've sworn i set today's date, 23rd December 2023

bruh2 src #5825

well you messed up

serverman (edited ) src #5839

yaaaaay sunday

uhhh does getting in and out the cup hold... err, i mean, cd tray count?

thatguywithsoup src #5841

i hate mondays

everyone hates mondays.

bruh2 src #5845


serverman src #5848

yes but what about my question

thatguywithsoup src #5870

is that all you can do? in that case yes

big brother (bureaucrat) #5944
this post never existed.

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