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Bonesdale #4779

there are 2 types of people in this world people who think therefore they are and people who have never heard of shaking spears

Bonesdale #4778

is there any way i could get this for the low low price of 17.99 and if i act now i get a second autism estrogen completely free?

Bonesdale #4777

i dont use a browser i simply am the internet

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Bonesdale #4775

i destroy my own mother

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Bonesdale #4644

how exists is it?

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Bonesdale #4640

am i similarly allowed to leave things alone

Bonesdale #4639

am i allowed to create things?

Bonesdale #4632

does this include non human entities?

Bonesdale #4630

yay you're bringing the pubs back! alcohol is good kids, drink it.

Bonesdale #4629

no........ i hold residence in earth 16 multiverse PA21 5923(39...5)

Bonesdale #4625

by god! a pub in massachusetts? which city?

Bonesdale #4624

youre right. but i also parked my bus there

Bonesdale #4621

the multiverse??? thats where i parked my car!

Bonesdale #4617

thank you NikiTricky. may the heavens work against you caesar.

Bonesdale #4613

well clearly its in Massachusetts. but if you're not there i suppose the law doesn't exist so, fair.

Bonesdale #4611

im not sure of that. how do i check?

Bonesdale #4610

you devious fiend. the rules clearly state don't do bad things but in the town of Rowe Massachusetts its illegal to have an invisible hand.

Bonesdale #4607

its impossible there's anywhere else it could be. maybe my eyes aren't trained to see past the veil? do you know anyone who could help

Bonesdale (edited ) #4605

ive looked all of those it wasnt there .

Bonesdale #4600

I've been looking for it

Bonesdale #4599

:3c is still arguably incredibly sinister

Bonesdale #4591

May GEORGE bless the great nation of Bonesdale!

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Bonesdale #4590

i keep god on a leash.