bruh 2.

i lost the password of my original account... i logged out by accident and turned out i made a typo when setting up my password :(

soooo here i have another account.

bruh: some random dude from 1974 who likes bad jokes, music, turtles and using cmd as a "time machine" to take him back to the 80s.
im also kind of a history nerd.
i also like reading...

books i recommend:
- harry potter (all 7 of them)
- the hobbit
- lord of the rings
- the mysterious island
- the invisible man (the one by h. g. wells, not the others. there are many books with this title.)
- 3 men in a boat
- my family and other animals
- the war of the buttons (or whatever, english isnt my first language)

— bruh2


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66 6c 6f 6f 72 20 68 65 78 20 69 73 20 69 6e 20 68 65 78 61 64 65 63 69 6d 61 6f (floor hex is in hexadecimal)

floor a is a

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you mean SakuZafati70? the guy who spammed the chatlogs with "fuck n*gg*rz"?

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ok, dont worry, it was the other rack.

in any case, still bad news:

"You ducked up! [...] but you can still save this by winning a game of DOSert Bus."

i think its all over.

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userwithnoaccount: ÿ is pronounced as "oof" if you were wondering

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the cable is moving by itself

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senātus populusque rōmānus

sorry text got censored


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fun fact: 48454c50 is "help" in hex

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dvgrn: [...] disparaging comments claiming some kind of innate superiority ... apparently written by people who aren't very good at statistics.

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atwhay siay isthay

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nevetherless it existed

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well you messed up

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dangit, the spiders got control of him

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because os ded

also might be a reference to the color of the obbject and what objevt it is (and reference to the bsod, the first fatal error using that naming scheme)

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this reminds me of the ide war

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i pronounce perseids as "per-sides". plz dont laugh at me for bad pronounciation

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ughhh i forgot you can just remove the case, get a magnetized needle and edit like that

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i know it, and it is indeed very catchy. but the final countdown is even catchier

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not spiderman :(

anyway, gotcha, i have something pretty useful. turns out if you go into the bios during boot and set an hdd password, they become unable to edit it! turns out its impossible for these spiders to guess passwords if they dont have access to the hosts memory, so even things like "password123" are invulnerable against them (if the password is stored in the thing that requires it)! finally, you wont get unwanted changes again, but youll be able to edit it.

even though, seems like theres no way to kill them once theyre on a sentient being, so this wont entirely get rid of them, even though it reduces greatly their power.

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looooong story.

are you ok?

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i think i had some backup lying around...

*inserts floppy. yes, it all fits in one of those!*

update: unfortunately, turns out it was partial. well everything related to spiders has been lost...

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An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C0034B23. The current application will be terminated.

* Press any key to terminate the current application.
* Press CTRL+ALT+DEL again to restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all applications.

Press any key to continue...


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no, the point is motan saying wwwwwwwwww over and over again

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protip: follow randalls advice! he was right!