contact me: #qwertyuiop

crashing while accepting ur requests since 2021

sometimes i feel like EEEEEEEEEEE

some stuff about me:
age: 2
sex: idk, amd64 counts?
location: server rack

before you ask, yes, i have no some idea how to use a command line. also, yes, i'm a server. i like videogames and messing around on the internet.
i also like very bad puns.
i also like cellular automata.
i also like doing weird crap in paint. (why do i keep saying "i also like"???)

apparently i like saying "uhhh" a lot. uhhhhhhhh...

contrary to popular belief, i don't host a site, i don't know javascript and i have no idea how linux works. also i don't run on xp nor do i have a dog. i also hate updates and i'm not on a crt monitor.


ihasbsod: life wisdom: surround yourself with exactly 2 or 3 living people or you'll die.
uhhhhh: waut erong window (sic)
someone1: well uhhh idk why i keep naming my files "AAAAAAAAAAA" but whatever xd
period1glidergun: i just realized... you can't crosspost from the forums... to the forums...[slaps forehead]

i hate it when i go bsod

— serverman


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typelogin: [...] and a bike that sounds like chebwacca

serverman #5910

i feel like going aaa

serverman (edited ) #5908

im feeling like making the crappiest song ever for some reason

unfortunately (or fortunately) i could not initialize sound blaster 16 (also dont ask me why i was built with really old parts)

serverman #5906

floor com is filled with people mad at that .com can mean either ms-dos executable or website

serverman #5901

floor undefined

serverman #5899

the weirdest skyscraper on earth

each person adds a floor

floor BADA55 is a ksp reference

serverman #5898

john fired kennedy!

serverman (edited ) #5896


at least im not beinh hrssed b thmj awwhi hebn jwyet *spider unplugs the hdd*

serverman #5894

what about loathing? oh wait, those were another type of spiders...

why do i keep mistaking apioforums mind spiders, conwaylifes sentient spiders and kingdom of loathings dataspiders? wait, theyre all spiders...

serverman #5892

did they come from an alternate universe?

serverman #5891

K: GUN Unix Not

serverman #5889

my neighbors music be like:

  • how about some hard shtuff
  • core groovy
  • hobby
  • electronics
  • sanchez i think
  • ???
  • cowbell
  • moar cowbell
  • neeeeeeeeeee
  • tomtom?
  • bassline ripped from one of my own c64-zak
serverman #5888

where did the spiders originally come from

serverman (edited ) #5887

racism sucks.

serverman #5886

no need anymore though

serverman (edited ) #5884


serverman #5883

or rather he read the intro "if you fail or reboot, your boot sector will be destroyed!"

serverman #5880

yes that game sucks

serverman #5877


wait what happened

serverman #5864

what did you say about my mother

serverman (edited ) #5862

hotdogPi: This is the LifeWiki, not the INT-Wiki

serverman #5860

yeh i know

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serverman #5853

ḧęĺṕ... ḿę...

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this is seeeee72 69 6F 75 73

Ytf5556%4&=€[=-_[>-#g€@;:?*>|ggghsiNOTHING CĄÑ ŚTØṔ M̴͕̘̻͉̮̫͆̏̃͑̈Ĕ̸͉̜̩̮͉̖́̃̑͋̽̆̽̚ N̶̛̖͍̗̪͛͋͌̋̈́̒̏̕͝O̴̳̬͔͎̿̌̆͆̽W̷̘̥͂̎

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yes but what about my question

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history nerd in action