i is thatguywithsoup, idiot roaming offtopic.


im ummmmm a guy with soup, me thinks.

mah bad gramer iz intentionel.

Even though, I like to use proper grammar sometimes to weird people out. It usually works! Yay myself!

hello there, im thatguywithsoup and im 16. i like bad jokes and other stuff.
math class sucks, i suck at sports, im good at drawing and my laptop is older than me.
i like programming but im awfully bad at it. no, i dont have a site.
i also hate bluescreens.

im always out of ideas :(

proud owner of the 5000th post on apioforum.

— thatguywithsoup


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thatguywithsoup #5905

floor sys32 is literally system32

floor wat is weird

floor b3s23 is conways game of life but its plaintext

thatguywithsoup (edited ) #5904

bruh2: 66 6c 6f 6f 72 20 68 65 78 20 69 73 20 69 6e 20 68 65 78 61 64 65 63 69 6d 61 6f (floor hex is in hexadecimal)

also bruh2: floor a is a

thatguywithsoup #5902

floor {} is [object Object]

thatguywithsoup #5879

actually it was me keeping a desert bus with a broken steering inside the road for 8 hours straight

thatguywithsoup #5876

not yet.

gimme 8 hours...

thatguywithsoup (edited ) #5875

-- spartans! whats the symbol of gold?

-- au! au! au!

thatguywithsoup #5873

yes, that spammer.

he deserved it >:(

thatguywithsoup #5870

is that all you can do? in that case yes

thatguywithsoup #5868

dont you smell something burning?

wait... it comes from the server room! dammit dammit dammit wheres the fire extinguisher

thatguywithsoup #5867

that was just a quote... the guy who originally made it was directing it towards a spammer who made it into the room

thatguywithsoup #5863

Lesojtik: yomama SOOOOO FAT, she's a file system

thatguywithsoup #5851

ive unplugged him to prevent any attack...

he seems to react aggressively to their mind control. interesting, yet very dangerous.

thatguywithsoup #5843

why not

thatguywithsoup #5842

serverman: does anyone know how many dos games does thatguywithsoup have

thatguywithsoup #5841

i hate mondays

everyone hates mondays.

thatguywithsoup (edited ) #5835

<ihatesegfaults> me: batch, basic and css. maybe even python or logo.
<haaaaaands> why not bash though

thatguywithsoup #5822

wellwhateverrrrimgonnasendaspiderWhat am I doing?


thatguywithsoup (edited ) #5819


thatguywithsoup #5818

vim vs emacs

thatguywithsoup #5816

a1: no. 23 december 2023.

a2: yes.

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thatguywithsoup #5751

arghhh so bad

thatguywithsoup #5717

what if i told you potatoe

thatguywithsoup (edited ) #5716

yes. well at least i learned to actually use good passwords

thatguywithsoup #5713

it is indeed a good book

thatguywithsoup #5712


thatguywithsoup #5711

well, dont worry, its no longer obvious.

thatguywithsoup (edited ) #5709

i already did it.

reminder to not use "m477hi45" as a password