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Boids (class Avois) are a group of superorganisms that generally fill the niche of non-insect flying animals. The constituent organism of a boid is a boid. This recursive nature of these animals gives them some unique properties:

  • They have 0 volume.
  • If they wish to do so, they can phase through ordinary matter. In fact, they can more generally choose how to interact with ordinary matter, often with catastrophic results.
  • They are capable of harnessing nuclear processes and even disturbances in the quantum foam. As such, they generally do not participate in the food chain of Earth's biosphere.

Boids are able to prey on each other. This is normally done by putting some of one's own constituent boids in specific places to disrupt the prey's swarm dynamics, then safely absorbing the prey's constituent boids into their own swarm.

Certain genera of apioform are the only known non-boid organism known to prey on boids, usually through the process of extrusion. In fact, it is thought that this is the only limiting factor on boid expansion, preventing them from permeating the entire universe.

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I am certain that boids only exist on Placet now. We drove them to extinction on Earth a billion years ago.

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