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This means I must re-ask trimill which of these feeds are not in the bundle. This is not an inconvenience because trimill perhaps missed the first asking.

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If you're asking whether its effects are still...in effect...then yes. All marzipan codes remain in effect until each bonus they provide is claimed OR each trap they set has been triggered. Aside from its contribution to meeting the Numberwang criteria, 3339's effects have not been consumed at all.

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For those who weren't keeping count, the MCMC has ended.

I'm opening the next 3 marzipans now: 1773, 2014, 8001.

As promised, now that another portal is open, I'm opening my capsules. And one of my capsules is a lucky die, which I can spend once per turn, so I'm rerolling the last marzipan code.

4545! That's Numberwang!

The spherical one-way portal around Mornington Crescent is now open. All travel that would normally pass through or arrive at that station now arrives at Bleecker Street instead, so of course I'm going to move there and pick up the Chance card reward for being the first to cross the Atlantic.

It's Numbers Station. For the next ten turns, every move must be accompanied by entering a 3 digit number into the Wild Magic Radio.

I'm ending my turn by offering for sale the contents of the other capsule. I can't use a Doubling Coin with my build. $450,000 OBO.

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And the banks are open again. Keep in mind that you cannot withdraw funds unless you are at a station with a bank. That's like 70% of stations, but it doesn't include any of the hidden ones.

Caesar: if you're planning on picking up the £2,000,000,000.00 prize, remember that the upkeep to appease the pigeons is 33,152 Bread per turn.

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Two players at Notting Hill Gate was my secret goal. That gives me a bonus turn.

I'm opening the second marzipan. The new code is 4405. I've luckily actually seen this track before, so I know correct response. I'm playing GENERALISSIMO down the Hammersmith and City line hitting the triple word score at Edgware Road. That gives me 396 points, which I'll immediately cash in to prevent all westward travel without a DC 16 dexterity check for the next five turns.

For my second turn, I'm opening a third marzipan. 3339 is the code. I've never seen this one, so I'm taking the safe route and taking the circle line clockwise to Liverpool Street, leaving me with £6.50 to play the gachapon there twice. I'm not going to open the capsules until another portal opens.

As both of these turns count toward the Bank Holiday timer, only one turn remains before the banks reopen. Thank goodness.

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yes, caesar, in addition to the £2,000,000,000.00 Luck Stone Acquisition Lottery, you also won the £337,000.00 Books for Pigeons Lottery, both of which pay out when the banks reopen in 7 more turns. However, you have to choose between them--they are mutually exclusive. You can take the bigger prize if you like, but you will become an enemy of the pigeons.

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It's not my turn yet, but Waterloo actually completes the right column of my BINGO card. So yes, the GCS portal on the Piccadilly line is open, but the Elysia portal opens in the exact same spot, perfectly overlapping. It's a coin flip whether you end up with the Yankees or the Elder Gods that way.

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I'm rolling for the card now. It's...Bank Holiday. I don't think that affects anyone yet but Caesar, who is not going to be able to receive the lottery winnings for another ten turns.

I'll take the Bakerloo to Marylebone. Since that takes me past Baker Street, I'll collect the 10 marzipan deposit on trimill's Prism Redemption.

I'll open the first one now: The code is 5329.

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I think we have enough people here now to get together a nice round or three of Mornington Crescent.

We'll play by standard forum-hosted rules. For interest, we'll include the 1989 Transatlantic module, which is now public domain, so I'm sure you have a copy. Pay special attention to the list of conditions under which the New York Portals open and where they appear.

Also, we're going to use the optional Mornington Crescent Maintenance Closure (MCMC) rule: Due to maintenance, Mornington Crescent is an invalid move for the first twenty valid and eligible moves. Only the first valid move per player per turn per post is eligible. This countdown supersedes all other rules. See rulebook for further details.

London Map New York Map

I'll start play at Elephant & Castle. I'll go ahead and take the Community Chest card that triggers discount fares, but I won't roll to determine which card it is yet. That leaves me with £12.50.

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i have many excellent bumblebee photographs

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I am certain that boids only exist on Placet now. We drove them to extinction on Earth a billion years ago.

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you don't need to post about preing

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what's this about a pre?
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I'm sure you are wondering, and so after a bit of padding I will get around to conveying the information you seek.

Why is Sherlock Holmes so good at identifying healthful foods?

It's alimentary, my dear Watson.

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Hey there fellow pet enthusiasts!

I couldn't resist sharing this hilarious pet story with you all. So, you know how some people have dogs, cats, or even the occasional hamster? Well, my neighbor takes "unconventional" to a whole new level! 🐾

Picture this: I'm sipping my morning coffee, and I hear this strange noise from next door. Naturally, I peek out the window to investigate. Lo and behold, my neighbor is strolling through their backyard with a pet chicken named Sir Clucklesworth! 🐔 Yep, you read that right. A chicken on a leash. Sir Clucklesworth seemed to be enjoying his morning strut like a true feathered aristocrat!

But wait, it gets even wackier! Apparently, Sir Clucklesworth isn't alone in the world of unconventional pets in our neighborhood. Across the street, there's a guy who's the proud owner of a pet hedgehog named Spike. And guess what? Spike has a tiny collection of hats! It's like a miniature fashion show for hedgehogs.

I can't help but wonder, what's the quirkiest pet you've ever come across? Do you have any unusual animal companions of your own? Share your funny and furry (or feathery) tales! Let's celebrate the wild and wonderful world of unconventional pets together. 😄🦔🦙

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There is a collection of vaporwave music in the internet archive.


Notice that like half this stuff is super horny. Is vaporwave inherently horny? Is it always associated with hentai, porn, erotica? Or is that just what people put in the archive to get attention?

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Patting their pockets, they realized that they had no pockets anymore, and all the smoke bombs were in the pockets of the obliterated armor, along with the teleportation device.

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Then he looked closer, and noticed that the explosion had not only shredded and warped the floor upward into an array of Raised Stakes, but had also disintegrated into dust every last piece of his outrageously expensive Plot Armor and all of the Plot Devices he had brought with him.

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correct. your turn!

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Here is another game for you. In this thread, we will think of movies that have some part of their titles in common, then describe what a combination of those movies would be as a clue. Then someone else must guess the correct portmanteau title of the mashed up movie. Upon doing so, they can then pose their own puzzle.

For example, if the clue were:

Timothy Dalton goes rogue on a mission of revenge after his best friend's wife is strangled by an abusive farmer. A beautiful CIA agent flies him to the American South where, disguised as a lawyer, he must use his intellect, training, and all of Q's gadgets to force those southern racists to, in the name of God, believe Tom Robinson.

then the correct response would, of course, be A License To Kill A Mockingbird.

The portmanteau does not have to be perfect as long as there is some overlap. For instance, it's fine to describe Dirty Dancing With Wolves or Clash of the Titanic.

However, one title should not be a subsequence of the other as it doesn't prove you got both parts of the clue when the correct response is just exactly the name of one of the movies. E.g. Don't mash up Your Name with Call Me By Your Name.

Okay, here's the first clue: In this heartwarming action comedy, former prizefighter Hugh Jackman's diabetic wife Julia Roberts loses a kidney as a result of complications from the birth of their son. He spends all their money on dialysis and a new kidney transplant, but she later dies from complications of that procedure anyway. Unable to raise money from boxing now that giant robot fights are all the rage, he struggles for a while and is about to give up his son to relatives. However, after his son discovers a ragged old fighting robot that can shadow his moves, they go on the road to raise money through robot fighting tournaments.

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At that same moment, he heard the telltale screams elicited by a Elise's brush with a ghast reverberating through the trap door at his feet and felt a pang of urgency.

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Now that the megazord was holding off the ghasts and intercepting the first blasts of Big Brother, the Paranormal Response Team was now cottoned on to this strange rabbit-shaped man with bottomless pockets full of electronics stooped over the hatch through which their leader had just disappeared and began to launch every insect demon in all creation at his location, phasing through all dimensions simultaneously.

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Before Jerry could get out his electronic lock data jammer jammer unjammer jammer unjammer, Elise finished jamming the electronic lock, opened the hatch, and jumped into the dark, her glowing shoulder patches revealing a maze of twisty little passages, all alike, all full of approaching ghasts.

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"damn!" yelled Jerry Evilperson, getting out and firing up his electronic lock data jammer jammer unjammer.

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She scrambled over to the steel trap door and yanked on it, but it was locked shut with an electronic padlock, and her handheld electronic lock data jammer seemed to be itself jammed by a nearby electronic lock data jammer jammer.

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"Assemble the megazord!" she yelled at her team as they all dived for cover behind the broken cement walls.