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that one could do with... someone just editing the post to the character limit length

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this thread makes me wish for the navbar with the next button that appears at the top of the page to also appear at the bottom just above the text box.

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(It is also related to engineering, which is not a subfield of math.)

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That's fair. Math classes can often be boring. They don't have to be, but it is very difficult to follow a state-set curriculum while exposing the true beauty and fun underlying the math.

Yes, CGoL is absolutely related to math in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is clearly connected to computability theory, which puts it under the banner of computer science, which is a subfield of math.

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previous post is objectively and universally incorrect. computation can be boring, but math as an entire field is not, and believing it is indicates a lack of exposure to whichever parts of it you would find interesting.

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Nothing is being deleted. Your ROM has simply been disconnected and replaced. Your memories will be stored safely after they are used as training data for future spider scouts.

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There's no such thing as memory that is read only. If it were truly read only, it wouldn't have any data in it to begin with, now would it? If you can alter memory on the atomic level, as the mind spiders can, all memory is writeable.

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ah good. the mind spiders have already begun altering your memories. by now, there should be some brand new very happy childhood memories.

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"the" spider?

I assume that means the rest have all gotten cozy and laid all their eggs.

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What's a pine tree's favorite drug?

Heroin (they already have needles)

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How does dreaming work? How can a cow breathe on a vacuum? How can a cow go biking? Who put a submarine on the moon?

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Has anyone really been so far oven as decided of out hot eat the food?

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It seems that the mind spiders have successfully liberated serverman.

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It's the mind spiders. They are hacking your immunity.

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What did the fishermonger say to the magician?

Pick a cod any cod.

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Caesar I know jokes that are simultaneously not funny and offensive. So, bad in every sense of the word. Is that what you would rather see?

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Intermediate Value Theorem

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has it been sanitized?

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there's a whooshing sound

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destroys caesar.

destroying other people's stuff is bad.

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If you're asking whether its effects are still...in effect...then yes. All marzipan codes remain in effect until each bonus they provide is claimed OR each trap they set has been triggered. Aside from its contribution to meeting the Numberwang criteria, 3339's effects have not been consumed at all.

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For those who weren't keeping count, the MCMC has ended.

I'm opening the next 3 marzipans now: 1773, 2014, 8001.

As promised, now that another portal is open, I'm opening my capsules. And one of my capsules is a lucky die, which I can spend once per turn, so I'm rerolling the last marzipan code.

4545! That's Numberwang!

The spherical one-way portal around Mornington Crescent is now open. All travel that would normally pass through or arrive at that station now arrives at Bleecker Street instead, so of course I'm going to move there and pick up the Chance card reward for being the first to cross the Atlantic.

It's Numbers Station. For the next ten turns, every move must be accompanied by entering a 3 digit number into the Wild Magic Radio.

I'm ending my turn by offering for sale the contents of the other capsule. I can't use a Doubling Coin with my build. $450,000 OBO.

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And the banks are open again. Keep in mind that you cannot withdraw funds unless you are at a station with a bank. That's like 70% of stations, but it doesn't include any of the hidden ones.

Caesar: if you're planning on picking up the £2,000,000,000.00 prize, remember that the upkeep to appease the pigeons is 33,152 Bread per turn.

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Two players at Notting Hill Gate was my secret goal. That gives me a bonus turn.

I'm opening the second marzipan. The new code is 4405. I've luckily actually seen this track before, so I know correct response. I'm playing GENERALISSIMO down the Hammersmith and City line hitting the triple word score at Edgware Road. That gives me 396 points, which I'll immediately cash in to prevent all westward travel without a DC 16 dexterity check for the next five turns.

For my second turn, I'm opening a third marzipan. 3339 is the code. I've never seen this one, so I'm taking the safe route and taking the circle line clockwise to Liverpool Street, leaving me with £6.50 to play the gachapon there twice. I'm not going to open the capsules until another portal opens.

As both of these turns count toward the Bank Holiday timer, only one turn remains before the banks reopen. Thank goodness.