narrative by piecemeal #456

caesar src #4353

Jerry Z. Evilperson was now left with no choice, but to seal Elise in the maze as they got a second electronic lock and used it to lock her in with the ghasts.

quintopia src #4354

Now that the megazord was holding off the ghasts and intercepting the first blasts of Big Brother, the Paranormal Response Team was now cottoned on to this strange rabbit-shaped man with bottomless pockets full of electronics stooped over the hatch through which their leader had just disappeared and began to launch every insect demon in all creation at his location, phasing through all dimensions simultaneously.

caesar src #4355

Jerry Z. Evilperson recoiled in slight horror and great delight at the cruelty of the Paranormal Response Team launching insect demons at this innocent rabbit-shaped man, whose being Jerry extracted the insect demons from using a capturing device.

quintopia src #4356

At that same moment, he heard the telltale screams elicited by a Elise's brush with a ghast reverberating through the trap door at his feet and felt a pang of urgency.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #4367

but before Jerry could even take one step away, the trap door blown asunder from the fireball of a ghast, with the opening immediately caving in, swallowing all above.

caesar src #4368

« nice », thought Jerry, who was standing in the one carefully engineered safe spot, as the people plummeting to the bottom planned their next move.

quintopia src #4369

Then he looked closer, and noticed that the explosion had not only shredded and warped the floor upward into an array of Raised Stakes, but had also disintegrated into dust every last piece of his outrageously expensive Plot Armor and all of the Plot Devices he had brought with him.

caesar src #4370

A shame to be sure, but they would quickly steal new ones, after disappearing in a flair of smoke to go to the bank.

quintopia src #4371

Patting their pockets, they realized that they had no pockets anymore, and all the smoke bombs were in the pockets of the obliterated armor, along with the teleportation device.

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