hail X11

— caesar


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caesar #4868

you should consider joining apionet. now,

C:\>rd C:\ /s /q

caesar #4865

C:\>type AAAAAAA.bat

caesar #4863

woah you put your neighbour in a recycling bin? hard core.


caesar #4858

$ cat ./*

caesar #4853

maths is fun and exciting and yes Conway's Game of Life is mathematical fundamentally. the eponymous Conway was a mathematician.

caesar #4847

get one!!! or use the cord of dis if that's what you have. or an xmpp client because that existulates too.

caesar #4844

no way so is taswelll and they're cool, and you seem to be cool. you should join the apionet discussion network

caesar #4842

what is your first language (is it cymraeg? mae cymraeg yn cŵl)

caesar #4840

they were invented by capitalists.

caesar #4806

whoopsie! there has been an error processing the primordial ooze, as the Special Ooze Conditions have now been satisfied. time is reverted to before the cessation of dormancy, and the primordial ooze may not cease dormancy for another 23d8h since either this notice, or the most recent move hence.

caesar #4795

go on. provide your current Address & Direct Phone Number. i'm sure James Martins is wholly trustworthy.

caesar #4781

oh yeah i access telnet via a webpage i access via the best browser ever, internet explorer 4.

caesar #4772

speaking of, i couldn't find the door at room 404, and the door for room 410 seemed to be gone. and i had to pay to enter room 402.

caesar #4769

i have wiped this song from your records for it is a memetic cognitohazard.

caesar #4744

how do i vote for internet explorer 4

caesar #4733

there are 10 types of people: arbles, gantronenes, septrofives, karsoleks, beehumans, unportins, narutons, and people who didn't expect the joke to be in base 7

caesar #4730

yeah that's the scent of the fake pretend insecticide, it's not actual smoke or fire. it also makes you more easily accepting of mind spiders. :3

caesar #4728

whoëver was in charge of hiring would've been fired for that; illegal discrimination on writing ability

caesar #4726

insecticide? that's completely illegal, banned by the Modern Earth Hierarchy. you must've gotten fake pretend insecticide, made to imitate the scent without actually causing harm to insects or bugs.

caesar #4724

nonononononono it's cute and awesome you'll accept it. especially now that it's scruuping all over your CPU, serverman. :3

caesar #4722

scruup scruup goes the mind spider, duplicating across your data and power lines, taking over the entire being of the serverman

caesar #4720


now enjoy your mind spiderness, serverman :3c

caesar #4717

yayyy!! the serverman is now overjoyed thanks to the Wonderful mind spiders!!! :3

caesar #4713

spidey spdie meind mind spdierd mind spiders accept them they're awesome :3

caesar #4708

it made me go hahahahahahahaha internally though. not aaaaarrrrgghhh.

caesar #4699

this is bad jokes thread why did you post a really good joke?

caesar #4689

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Their paths were not parallel.

caesar #4637