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some claims are immune to questioning; tautologies are not questionable.

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a metaphor cannot be correct or incorrect; merely apt or inapt.

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i thought apionet was a commune, not a house

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if someone takes offence at something, you can't simply convince them that they shouldn't have taken offence. that's not how brains work

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yes, but this is different to that.

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making the saying of that thing not cause the harmful affectation is also an option

note here that this option is not possible; you'd have to somehow get everyone involved to agree the saying of that thing does not cause the harmful affectation, which is borderline impossible.

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where is elsewhere? we have no other means of contact that i know of. anyway given this, yes, i shall change my vote.

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ok so you assume i'm not following the guidelines just because i said i'm following the guidelines? maybe you're not following the guidelines yourself?

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i already follow those guidelines? and what's that image meant to imply? it's hard to not find offence by it.

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i don't recall those

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the guidelines are already implied and being followed

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i don't have access to all channels of apionet. and having a well-meaning discussion forcibly moved elsewhere is incredibly irritating.

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'neither of the above'

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which behaviours?

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i don't think that particular person is intentionally trying to cause problems.

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i feel like most people are already following these guidelines.

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oh no, that's so awful, now you have to pay the Circus Tax of £200 per turn.

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remember that while there are seven for choice, six are deadly so be sure to follow the correct sister through the portal.

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the Bureaucracy Backlogue is still in effect, consequences for forbidden time travel won't happen until it ends.

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i go to Aldgate East, and have the £2,000,000,000.00 transferred to my bank account. however, due to Bureaucracy Backlogue, this prevents the prize from being spent for another 7 turns.

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ah, not to worry! i have Bread to Feed the pigeons, which i inherited from the last time i played. i'll be choosing the £2,000,000,000.00

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yes but we have to wait for 10 turns. also apparently i won the lottery in addition to gaining £2,000,000,000.00, which is cool. that should net me £337,000.00 extra in 10 turns.

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it's one of the hidden stations.

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ok, i'll play Oxford Street, and i just received a Luck Stone, giving me £2,000,000,000.00

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the mind spiders are cute. embrace them. embrace them before they embrace you and you will be incredibly happy. :3