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When i think of a modding API, i think of something that is used to fundamentally and completely change what exists in a piece of software

then there. your definition is simply not what the definition of everyone else's is.

no further statements are necessary.

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I'd say that an OS is more akin to a scripting API or a programming language, which i am completely fine with.

modifications/plugins are literally just advanced scripts. some even are literally just scripts.

It's not ad-hominem because the analogue has direct relevance to the debate.

wow you're acting like such a capitalism here, continually defending your beliefs even when they don't make sense. (it is very relevant for me to ascribe your behaviour to that of a capitalist)

anyway, why are you so stubborn in your beliefs? you made this thread like a question, and then argue like it's a debate. if you really had genuine curiosity, then why do you refuse to accept the given answer?

is it because you're still curious on the specific details? well it's not like we're going to explain human sociology to you to say why humans want to have multiple modifications working together and modularly, with an easy and convenient way to achieve that. you've got the best answer we can reasonably give.

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You're acting like a capitalist, trying to prove your own point by simply saying it again instead of refuting the refutations of others.

i never knew capitalism was about proving points via repeating oneself infinitely. i thought it was about the ruthless drive for profit above literally everything else. but i suppose it's about being a poor debater?

hey, speaking of poor debate skills, i'm pretty sure calling someone a capitalist, or « acting like a capitalist » is some kind of fallacy. it's certainly name-calling. ad hominem perhaps?

caesar (edited ) #3888

I don't think that a modification API helps with anything.

ok, i guess you don't need an operating system then. just flash software to your ROM directly. since, an OS is literally a modification API for computers.

I know that the work itself never addresses that

and therefore, is not a valid counterpoint. if it's so trivial to derive, then provide a point-by-point breakdown of your trivial derivation.

I think that forks rarely become many because most attempts to fork a project will invariably get absorbed into the main project or one of the few forks that fills a unique niche different from the original project.

and also a plugin API. that's a very important reason that cannot be overlooked.

caesar #3883

yes, the instances of forking are about it being legally fine. nothing to do with the psychological overwhelming of forks.

also, death of the author just means that the interpretation of a work is independent from the author's intention. nothing to do with categorisation.

I think it addresses that by explaining that forks rarely become many.

yes, because people add plugin APIs/modification APIs. which makes making many forks unnecessary. even the Linux kernel has a modification API; they're called kernel modules.

caesar #3881

the document is not an essay explaining how the fear of an overwhelming number of incompatible forks of a project is not upheld by reality.

it is about the legal fear of forks. as in incompatible licensing and cetera. there's a reason it's under a subdirectory literally titled « Licensing and Law ».

the document does not address the psychological overwhelming of many forks to choose from, which is only a counterargument addressing your argument that many modifications to choose from is overwhelming.

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img is not an innocent tag. it has scriptoid attributes. like onerror=.

caesar #3874

presumably only innocent tags are allowed, like marquee.

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mu can post images??

caesar #3866

this document refutes everything bmh says. read it.

caesar #3821

all reasonable discussion ended when bmh posted a link to a completely unrelated legal document about the law regarding forks in response to a valid point that a lot of forks would be an overwhelming choice to the user too

caesar #3807

people would be overwhelmed with loads of competing forks? i shall actually prove you wrong by sending you to a link to a completely unrelated legal document about the legal nuances of forks!!

caesar #3783

that's a faster cache. some caches are faster than others. the instructions are only for if the faster cache of a package not being available in an external repository or in the AUR does not yet exist.

caesar #3781

the installation instructions act as a cache. people can read them, which is fast, instead of doing computations that could take a long time. ergo, the developer precomputes how to install the software, and writes it down so future computation on how to install the software can be performed in amortised Ο(1) time

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the modification API is to allow the user to have multiple modifications at once. this is the most efficient way to do that.

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synthetic division is not dumb. long division is dumb

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the crux

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the numbers are random?

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i have plans that actively contradict death

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↉, also known as 0

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yeah the synthetic division is much simpler, idek where you could've possibly got those values in the long division from

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yay! c: bzzzzzzzzzt

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of course! it's all explained on the Wikipedia page for synthetic division

hopefully apioforum uses markdown so that link works

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divide 3x³ + 2x² + 4x + 7 by x² + 7x - 2 using long division (hard, extremely complicated. borderline impossible. useless)

do the same division using synthetic division (easy, not at all inconvenient, extremely simple. useful) (i also like useful)

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long polynomial division is extremely complicated, i'd say it's more opaque for that reason

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indeed! bn + d

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oh cool, this is related to synthetic division (the best kind of polynomial division). but i discovered this algorithm myself