Mornington Crescent #477

caesar src #4562

i go to Aldgate East, and have the £2,000,000,000.00 transferred to my bank account. however, due to Bureaucracy Backlogue, this prevents the prize from being spent for another 7 turns.

ultlang src #4563

i go to farringdon, bringing me to 8 cogs of rotation; i will then spend one on three rotations of the wheel of fortune for the second time. that's 100, 1000 and 500, which once again fails, so i will simply withdraw it as đồng.

amby src #4564

hey, no time travel at stations in the first half of the alphabet!

caesar src #4565

the Bureaucracy Backlogue is still in effect, consequences for forbidden time travel won't happen until it ends.

amby src #4566

the time travel complaint was about trimill's retroactive budgeting, but given that i didn't call it out until after the Bureaucracy Backlog started, the temporal restructuring will have to wait.

i'll move to south kensington, taking advantage of the unique circle-district magnetic interactions to supercharge my bonus orb

ultlang src #4567

and that's a left-mid column bingo for me! the seven sisters portal should be open now

caesar src #4568

remember that while there are seven for choice, six are deadly so be sure to follow the correct sister through the portal.

trimill src #4569

ah, well now is as good a time as any to deploy my chronology anchor to Liverpool Street. it should be close enough to Whitechapel and Algade East to stabilize them for now, but the temporal restructuring might still have effects elsewhere.

quintopia src #4570

For those who weren't keeping count, the MCMC has ended.

I'm opening the next 3 marzipans now: 1773, 2014, 8001.

As promised, now that another portal is open, I'm opening my capsules. And one of my capsules is a lucky die, which I can spend once per turn, so I'm rerolling the last marzipan code.

4545! That's Numberwang!

The spherical one-way portal around Mornington Crescent is now open. All travel that would normally pass through or arrive at that station now arrives at Bleecker Street instead, so of course I'm going to move there and pick up the Chance card reward for being the first to cross the Atlantic.

It's Numbers Station. For the next ten turns, every move must be accompanied by entering a 3 digit number into the Wild Magic Radio.

I'm ending my turn by offering for sale the contents of the other capsule. I can't use a Doubling Coin with my build. $450,000 OBO.

ultlang src #4571

oh, did 3339 get responded to?

quintopia src #4572

If you're asking whether its effects are effect...then yes. All marzipan codes remain in effect until each bonus they provide is claimed OR each trap they set has been triggered. Aside from its contribution to meeting the Numberwang criteria, 3339's effects have not been consumed at all.

ultlang src #4573

aha, thanks! i'm not the most familiar with marzipans. i will then move back to aldgate east and once again spend an R cog for fortune spins. 100, 500, 300 - that should get me a third of the way to 3339's bonus.

ultlang src #4574

oh, i almost forgot! 721.

amby src #4575

my bonus orb is glowing - and we all know what that means!

i'm moving to picadilly circus. 884

caesar src #4576

oh no, that's so awful, now you have to pay the Circus Tax of £200 per turn.

trimill src #4577

my next move will be to Euston Square, which means i've got to begin a Chess Challenge. my opening move is d4.


ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #4579

since it's been 9.5 days without any moves, i activate the Manifold Reconfigurator. this means any two stations with the same number of letters are joined by the Virtual Railroad. however i'm going to stay in the bank/monument complex for now, due to its high dimensional stability, and i'll pay the £50 Sedentary Charge to accomplish that.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #4801

it has been 23d8h since the last move. this triggers the cessation of my dormancy within the primordial ooze from the beginning of time. I fundamentally change the nature of reality, inverting all existing rules.

amby src #4804

you fool! you fell for my trap!

i'm going to tap my bonus orb twice, causing it to hatch into a beautiful butterfly. this lets me move directly to antilondon without having to pay the ferryman

amby src #4805

i forgot to mention: due to the butterfly effect, i'm immune to reality manipulation, and also gain double points for all future games of mornington crescent that will ever be played

caesar src #4806

whoopsie! there has been an error processing the primordial ooze, as the Special Ooze Conditions have now been satisfied. time is reverted to before the cessation of dormancy, and the primordial ooze may not cease dormancy for another 23d8h since either this notice, or the most recent move hence.

amby src #4807

well that complicates things. i guess i'll have to find another way into antilondon

gollark src #4811

Deeply naive. Thanks to charge/parity/time symmetry, I am already in Antilondon, though with my charge and flow of time inverted.

amby src #4812

i'd be careful. the ferryman doesn't take kindly to temporal inversion

gollark src #4813

It's not as if I didn't unlock acausal processing technology in 2026.

serverman src #4814

how does this game work???

amby src #4815

just watch for a while, you'll figure it out

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