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i recommend hexchat

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uppercase letters arent real

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just watch for a while, you'll figure it out

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i'd be careful. the ferryman doesn't take kindly to temporal inversion

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well that complicates things. i guess i'll have to find another way into antilondon

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i forgot to mention: due to the butterfly effect, i'm immune to reality manipulation, and also gain double points for all future games of mornington crescent that will ever be played

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you fool! you fell for my trap!

i'm going to tap my bonus orb twice, causing it to hatch into a beautiful butterfly. this lets me move directly to antilondon without having to pay the ferryman

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speaking of The Web, what's everyone's opinion of gemini? i think it's pretty promising, except for something of a lack of accessibility features (no easy way to mark sections of a page as a given language, etc)

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my bonus orb is glowing - and we all know what that means!

i'm moving to picadilly circus. 884

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the time travel complaint was about trimill's retroactive budgeting, but given that i didn't call it out until after the Bureaucracy Backlog started, the temporal restructuring will have to wait.

i'll move to south kensington, taking advantage of the unique circle-district magnetic interactions to supercharge my bonus orb

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hey, no time travel at stations in the first half of the alphabet!

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uh oh! it's been 4 hours 45 minutes since the last move, and that means i get to advance 2 stations and collect a rare bonus orb. that puts me at notting hill gate

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don't piss off the pigeons if you ever want to see daylight again

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i'll play paddington. cliche, i know, but it's a pretty strong opening in most games

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are we playing with the elizabeth line? i know it has a few balance issues that make it pretty controversial in competitive play, but personally i think it's pretty fun

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my brain is full of sponge

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medic is only fun in casual when you can pocket someone who's half decent and even then it can still be shit. the best situation to play medic is in a voice call with someone (or several someones) who's actually decent at tf2

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there is no such thing as a "real definition" outside of mathematics

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also i read the page about forking and it seems to have little relevance here. it focuses entirely on tools, that is, software which performs work. games are entirely different, because they are intended to entertain.

while the quality of a tool is subjective (see vi/emacs debate), the quality of entertainment is much more so. hence, there will be many more modifications made to games than to tools. most of the examples given on the forking page were simple chains of forks getting incorporated back into the parent, or something dying and forking into two separate projects.

now, take a look at the amount of mods minecraft has. yes, minecraft is extremely popular and has a very large modding scene, and a libre game would probably have less mods, but the point still stands. folding every mod anyone has ever made back into the main branch and putting them under menu options would be hopelessly impractical to manage and it would push source tree and binary sizes through the roof, for features that a lot of players won't even use.

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using a modding API is a lot easier than forking an entire source tree and building the application yourself

also, a lot of modding APIs present a cleaner interface than directly editing the source would. they also allow mods to be written in languages other than the base language of the game. the language chosen is usually lua, which is basically perfect for modding APIs due to its simplicity and ease of embedding

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to allow arbitrary combinations of mods to be selected at load time

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because not everybody wants the same modifications

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please explain

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0 doesn't exist in bijective bases

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proposal: where possible, players should share their solutions on "git hub" or some other online version control frontend

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