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there is no such thing as a "real definition" outside of mathematics

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also i read the page about forking and it seems to have little relevance here. it focuses entirely on tools, that is, software which performs work. games are entirely different, because they are intended to entertain.

while the quality of a tool is subjective (see vi/emacs debate), the quality of entertainment is much more so. hence, there will be many more modifications made to games than to tools. most of the examples given on the forking page were simple chains of forks getting incorporated back into the parent, or something dying and forking into two separate projects.

now, take a look at the amount of mods minecraft has. yes, minecraft is extremely popular and has a very large modding scene, and a libre game would probably have less mods, but the point still stands. folding every mod anyone has ever made back into the main branch and putting them under menu options would be hopelessly impractical to manage and it would push source tree and binary sizes through the roof, for features that a lot of players won't even use.

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using a modding API is a lot easier than forking an entire source tree and building the application yourself

also, a lot of modding APIs present a cleaner interface than directly editing the source would. they also allow mods to be written in languages other than the base language of the game. the language chosen is usually lua, which is basically perfect for modding APIs due to its simplicity and ease of embedding

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to allow arbitrary combinations of mods to be selected at load time

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because not everybody wants the same modifications

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please explain

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0 doesn't exist in bijective bases

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proposal: where possible, players should share their solutions on "git hub" or some other online version control frontend

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i first saw that algorithm used in jonesforth btw

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fun fact: this algorithm can be expanded to parse arbitrary bases (so long as you have a base-N digit to integer conversion)

start on the most significant digit
add it to an accumulator
multiply by the base
move to the next digit
repeat until you run out of digits

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but they could probably afford to make it a little less strict?

iirc the safety checks will reject stuff that might be correct but it can't prove it, instead of accepting stuff that might be wrong but it can't prove it. because oracle problem

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only cuz there's no runtime safety guards in place by default (save for what the os does)

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The only two programming languages i think should be used are 0) C, because everything else is worse

enjoy your segfaults

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i assume you dont mean the big hill in llandudno

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hell yeah

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i made a programming language! it is called ajal virtual cpu and it's a bytecode interpreter for a made up isa

there's no subtract instruction. you'll get used to it

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the first prev next last header staying at the top of the screen is very cool and the

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floating point infinity is all exponent and mantissa bits set high

so you get +/- infinity from the sign bit

see also +/-0

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it wont be a float thing because all floats can be represented perfectly in decimal, and this has infinite repeating nines

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that is one of the websites i have ever seen

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le mon

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this almost makes me angry enough to learn git so i can fix it myself