music recommendations?? #373

jmibo src #3574

does anyone have any cool musics they'd like to share? kinda bored and would like to find new music things

here's uhh sungazer (also available on spotify and whatnot)

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3575

koenji hyakkei — dhorimviskha

munvoseli src #3576

munvoseli src #3577

the earth spins faster on friday

munvoseli src #3578


BlueManedHawk src #3580

I know of nothing i can share that people are unlikely to have heard of.

razetime src #3581

if you haven't already you should listen to Susumu Hirasawa

taswelll src #3582

the first glass beach album by glass beach

razetime src #3583

yoshi island glass beach? that one?

ultlang src #3584

that one!! c:

amby src #3585


arcade src #3623

Be Gay, Do Drugs, Hail Satan

heavoid src #3627

you should listen to a 440Hz sine wave, at the loudest volume your hardware is capable of, for prolonged periods of time.

jmibo src #3628

i once did that for 60hz for some reason. it sort of hurt

i think i was trying to see if after playing the 60hz tone i could hear the mains hum more clearly

BlueManedHawk src #3639

stars of ice

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