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should really do something other than rust spaghetti

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you need to test deletion

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it seems like the thing is going to start soon. i have no idea what kinds of problems it'll have

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i once did that for 60hz for some reason. it sort of hurt

i think i was trying to see if after playing the 60hz tone i could hear the mains hum more clearly

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does anyone have any cool musics they'd like to share? kinda bored and would like to find new music things

here's uhh sungazer (also available on spotify and whatnot)

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i am currently having a similar problem and haven't really made anything for my site in a few weeks. maybe thinking of a really quick idea and going with that would be good for motivation, seems like good advice

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why are ⅖ and ⅐ different styles on my computer

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test test
the tables probably
won't work

nevermind then (well the alignment still doesn't exist)

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wow i never knew about synthetic division by nonlinear polynomials, that's neat

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i wonder if i can do hex codes (extremely unlikely)

edit: no i cannot

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wait what color tags are there

ok, the ones you would expect meaning i can create gay text

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i need to stop sending things twice

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yes, i should have clarified

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unfortunately this is not the shortest thread. unless counting by characters in which case it probably was until now

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im in as well

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the number of ways to choose 4 objects out of 8 if order does not matter (source: wikipedia)

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voting for green so i know what the color on the poll looks like

edit: that's a pretty good green i'll keep my vote as is

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fighting fire with fire

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burning down the house

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17 << 2

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opinions on rust:

i really like everything about rust other than memory safety (which i have mixed opinions about). it has a lot of features that should be in most languages (blocks can return values, mostly), enums are great, the error handling makes sense, it has what i find to be the right amount of object-oriented things, etc.

the memory safety is a bit of a mixed bag for me; while nobody likes getting a compiler error because you didn't figure out how to avoid using more than one reference to an object, nobody likes segfaults either, nor std::move and rvalue references and whatever happens in c++. but they could probably afford to make it a little less strict? i really don't know.

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