what's the best unicode block #65

taswelll src #502


catdotjs src #503

I know this will be controversial but █ is best Unicode block

Jmzd8 src #3682

I personally like ☺ bc its a smiling face

taswelll src #3710

not a block.....

ultlang src #3712

this is so sad i saw the title and immediately thought "haha full block character" and someone's already sent it

jmibo src #3714

box drawing characters is a complete mess, i don't understand what system they used (if any) to organize it. don't remember any other notable blocks

BlueManedHawk src #3716

Optical Character Recognition, Geometric Shapes, Ornamental Dingbats, and Alchemical Symbols are all pretty cool, but so are Specials and Tags. But i think my favorite is Variation Selectors Supplement.

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