non-binary 16 y.o. furry that likes the programming (she/they)

wow, i was using this website before i was an enby. lol

I live on saturn

my name on the george website is madeforlosers

apioforum "O.G."

I made a website (dead link)

Dou goye hujiv (polv) propova, avol dou botos dadoz!

vert tyovil di sobas cop Metrez (lug propova), hupoy dou faz bi devis liva dadoz

dou faz bur mutyb fod dou be'rt porvit fod propova.

cof-una-fone di yore tuval bi tyldn.

dopoyd, avol jifuxi

fozeka tuval porvit

fod donakii paz tug

abrafu pernol'rt verhulbi

flowo tovopar. trurali mus doz.

tawsil!!!!!!!! dou botos di taswil tuval bi puwet!!!!!

dou botos taswelll, abson doz :)

puyiv bi liyar thavo tuv retur

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11 << 3

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i would like to apologize for not having my website up as ive had issues with hosting my website. it SHOULD be now but I still have yet to add the widget and i don't even know if its up right now. my friend hosts the website on their own server now and I'm in the mercy of Judsonia, AR internet and random server issues and I don't know when the website will be back up sadly.

on a side note,

HELLO APIOFORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! its me, madeforlosers.,,.. its been a long time since ive chatted here and i have just been reminded that this place existed because of the new announcement.

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so what the first code does:

it sets a variable named x and y (senum x, senum y)

it loads x to be used (lovar x)

it adds 1 to the current loaded variable (x) (nnadd 1)

it loads y to be used (lovar y)

it adds 1 to the current loaded variable (x) (nnadd 1)

it changes the current position of the cursor to x and y in the terminal (vcrpos x,y)

it prints the character # (stpri #)

it checks if x is greater than 10, if it is then it goes to line 11 (if x,>10,11) if it doesnt it goes to the next line

it goes back to line 3 if x isnt greater than 10 (ntolin 3)

and #end is the end

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(sorry for replying so late)

caesar: you are somewhat right, vcrpos is for setting the cursor position in the terminal using variable names, and stpri is for printing a string given in its arguments (therefore it will print "#")

razetime: I have a readme thats still unfinished if thats what you mean

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called nbasc, using function names that are super short. (because I got bored)

guess what this piece of code does:

senum x
senum y
lovar x
nnadd 1
lovar y
nnadd 1
vcrpos x,y
stpri #
if x,>10,11
ntolin 3

take a wild guess. (I'll tell in the comments later if no one figures it out)

and guess what this also does:

senum x
senum x_sin
senum y
senum half
lovar half
nnset 1
nndiv 2
lovar x
nnadd 1
lovar x_sin
nnvadd half
lovar y
nnvsin x_sin
nnadd 5
nnmul 3
vcrpos x,y
stpri #
if x,>40,20
ntolin 8
stpri .
stpri .
stpri .

(I could have made this better but i'm lazy lol)

okay goodbye

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razetime why did you say that

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dead forum lol

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what kind of number company makes fucking pies

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wait, what about Medium Number? do they exist?

turns out they do and they produce half numbers. and apparently pies?

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I think the Small Number return request forms are very complicated. they know every little thing about you and can tell if you're lying

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wait, what about Medium Number? do they exist?

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Well Small Number has greater money back guarantee if you don't like the digits they sent you, 130% of what you paid for (although you do have to send in a request to return it) and if you use code 'madefl' at checkout at smallnumber dot com you can get 50% off your next 10 orders at checkout

totally not being held at gunpoint to say this (help

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Sinthorion i will kindly ask you to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this message was sponsored by Small Number) (/lh)

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why wouldn't they be? Small Number uses the recently-discovered HEX digits unlike Big Number that uses Base 10 (ew disgusting) which makes Small Number leagues more superior

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$2/digit, with code 'madefl' you can get 50% off your next 10 digits

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thats a goddamn scam i might as well get the digits from the lesser known company Small Number that i totally did not just make up

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wait how much do the digits cost

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good, good

anyways back on (sort-of) topic

0 is a lie made up by Big Number to sell more digits.

yay I can't wait to buy digits

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what do you mean by ""people""

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trimill please tell me you dont eat people

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huh? are you saying you eat people? question mark

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i mean "ah yes, i will eat 0 people today" makes sense though

unless you're a psychopath

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I personally like ☺ bc its a smiling face

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I saw a young sheldon clip from scrolling through yt shorts (yeah i get that bored sometimes) and it talks about 0 not being a real number. I mean, it has to, right? if the equation 1-1 exists, then 0 has to exist right????

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holy shit
tables are
now existing?