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y si me como el sello sin querer

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bzzzzzzzzzt :3

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the pre

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i'm pretty sure extensions imply being supersets ​ like ​ by definition

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no, actually

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who is "we"? what do you mean by "target"?

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i prefer mind bees

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do not worry. just add

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

to your /robots.txt file

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naming things is convenient, even more so in the event of a mind spider incursion

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…at the expense of taking far more time for those capabilities to come to fruition.


The fracturing of the community also leads to a fracturing of the effort. I would much rather have a few good choices than many bad choices.

would it? i think there would be less effort overall. you dont encourage modding by.. making it harder

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Modding APIs also bring downsides by being a complex subsystem of the project for the maintainers to deal with, taking away time that could be used to solve other problems in the software,

but it also increases the capabilities of the project by approximately ∞%!

and (in my experience) they often lead to fracturing of a community and too many options to choose from.

this is good! i like having choices. you can always choose not to use mods

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oh! i didnt notice that

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ok! plugins/add-ons/mods are much easier to manage and install and use than forks. anyone can drag a bunch of files into a folder, add things they want, or remove things they dont. modularity!

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I really don't like the mentality that video games are somehow special pieces of software.

they aren't though? a lot of libre software has mods, they're just usually called "plugins"

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yea! mods are optional

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a lot of mods would very much not fit in the main game

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so there's a mod called the Scrimblermod that adds an item called the Scrimbler. and then there's a mod called GlurberDeluxe that adds an item called the Glurber. the Scrimbler and the Glurber are different items that change different aspects of the game. i like both of these mods. can i use them both?

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Doesn't that risk overwhelming the player with too many choices, not all of which will be good and many of which have only slight differences from each other, in the same way as e.g. a sandbox game with a detailed world settings selector?

is this bad?

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how exactly would this work? what if i want to use several mods?

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you dont need instructions, just do paru -S the-software

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