thread title #405

heavoid src #3939

why do they call it oven when the mind spiders are here and it's already too late?

taswelll src #3940

naming things is convenient, even more so in the event of a mind spider incursion

caesar src #3941

the mind spiders are cute and friendly. let them into your mind, immediately. :3

trimill src #3942

oh no, the spiders have already gotten to caesar. it is too late.

taswelll (edited ) src #3943

do not worry. just add

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

to your /robots.txt file

caesar src #3944

robots.txt is merely a suggestion

the mind spiders can ignore it to propagate spider spider ,bmmgmhmhmmhhhm :3

heavoid src #3945

they aren't actually robots. they're mind spiders.

caesar src #3946

precisely. places mind spider on your head :3

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3947

well, there are some spiders that obey robots.txt.

caesar (edited ) src #3948

mind spiders do not. they are too cute and friendly (and mind-controlling!!!! ^w^) to do so. please enjoy the mind spider i have placed upon your ear. :3

trimill src #3949

nooo the ear is the orifice by which mind spiders get access to the mind

caesar src #3950

well, the fourth-dimensional arxifæ is, but that's close enough to the ears to count.

places mind spider directly on your fourth-dimensional arxifæ :3

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