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i ban the number 7.

heavoid #5924

i lace the gravestone and surrounding area with VX nerve agent.

heavoid #5922

i smash the situation machine. i obliterate it. i demolish every component. it is ablated until it is mere dust, and the dust fades in time.

heavoid #5243

quintopia: "it's turing complete except for a very critical part of what makes something turing complete". am i really the only one who sees a problem here? the "other prerequisite" is effectively just 'can you have a FSM of a certain size or more'.

heavoid #5236

can i not just use your turing oracle to run it?

heavoid #5234

when people act like computers are "basically" turing complete it really irks me. because what do you even mean by that? "there's so much memory it's basically infinite"? that's not even close to true, do you really think we have enough memory to run all algorithms we want to run? and why even bother talking about turing completeness if you don't really mean it?

heavoid #5028

i sure do. though, you forgot some genie safety clauses.

heavoid #4518

not enough neurotransmitters. also, the mind spiders.

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it seemed hopeless, but then she realised there was a trapdoor behind her labelled "zzcxz".

heavoid #4341

"this post never existed", big brother spoke.

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everyone had been turned into ghasts (minecraft).

heavoid #4314

it's not very interesting, and tends to burn out quickly. there's only so much to talk about talking.

heavoid #4287

i feel like that could lead to people metadiscussing the topic instead of discussing it.

heavoid #4284

talking about things without a topic is hard. sustaining a discussion on nothing is not possible. it's like the awfulness of small talk, but worse since it's in forum format.

heavoid #4246

english has about 8 letters per bit of actual information, just compress it optimally using Algorithms?

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my juice is stale.

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colourless orange juice tastes furious, i'd imagine.

heavoid #4174

0% orange juice.

heavoid #4170

it's really cool to be the one person immune to propaganda, unlike everyone else.

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they've always been here.

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i'm not a user and this isn't content.

heavoid #4045

as cool as it sounds, i'm unlikely to be able to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a project right now. maybe i'd consider it more if it already existed and i could contribute to it, and it also had a cool codebase that was cool and not bad.

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"last activity" should recurse upwards across subforae and also include actions like making subforæ.

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ha. apioforum does not have users, or content. ha, ha, ha.