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heavoid #4346

it seemed hopeless, but then she realised there was a trapdoor behind her labelled "zzcxz".

heavoid #4341

"this post never existed", big brother spoke.

heavoid #4325

everyone had been turned into ghasts (minecraft).

heavoid #4314

it's not very interesting, and tends to burn out quickly. there's only so much to talk about talking.

heavoid #4287

i feel like that could lead to people metadiscussing the topic instead of discussing it.

heavoid #4284

talking about things without a topic is hard. sustaining a discussion on nothing is not possible. it's like the awfulness of small talk, but worse since it's in forum format.

heavoid #4246

english has about 8 letters per bit of actual information, just compress it optimally using Algorithms?

heavoid #4190

my juice is stale.

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heavoid #4176

colourless orange juice tastes furious, i'd imagine.

heavoid #4174

0% orange juice.

heavoid #4170

it's really cool to be the one person immune to propaganda, unlike everyone else.

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heavoid #4066

they've always been here.

heavoid #4048

i'm not a user and this isn't content.

heavoid #4045

as cool as it sounds, i'm unlikely to be able to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a project right now. maybe i'd consider it more if it already existed and i could contribute to it, and it also had a cool codebase that was cool and not bad.

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heavoid #3981

"last activity" should recurse upwards across subforae and also include actions like making subforæ.

heavoid #3971

ha. apioforum does not have users, or content. ha, ha, ha.

heavoid #3958

i see. please ignore everything i have said, am saying and will ever say, then.

heavoid #3956

has GEORGE not always been, in some capacity?

heavoid #3953

"older than GEORGE"? i feel like there's an inherent contradiction here.

heavoid #3952

maybe you should look at thread 367. finding thread 367 is left as an exercise to the reader.

heavoid #3945

they aren't actually robots. they're mind spiders.

heavoid #3939

why do they call it oven when the mind spiders are here and it's already too late?

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heavoid #3801

the major implementations need to change.

heavoid #3797

"well I don't want to use more than one mod at a time" is not really a justification for this.