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they've always been here.

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i'm not a user and this isn't content.

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as cool as it sounds, i'm unlikely to be able to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a project right now. maybe i'd consider it more if it already existed and i could contribute to it, and it also had a cool codebase that was cool and not bad.

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"last activity" should recurse upwards across subforae and also include actions like making subforæ.

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ha. apioforum does not have users, or content. ha, ha, ha.

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i see. please ignore everything i have said, am saying and will ever say, then.

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has GEORGE not always been, in some capacity?

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"older than GEORGE"? i feel like there's an inherent contradiction here.

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maybe you should look at thread 367. finding thread 367 is left as an exercise to the reader.

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they aren't actually robots. they're mind spiders.

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why do they call it oven when the mind spiders are here and it's already too late?

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the major implementations need to change.

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"well I don't want to use more than one mod at a time" is not really a justification for this.

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having many forks WILL in practice lead to horrible incompatbility, developers not collaborating on things or standardizing anything, etc.

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surely if it's open source, people can just look at the source code and deduce what it should do, and imagine what their computer would do in response to it.

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you should listen to a 440Hz sine wave, at the loudest volume your hardware is capable of, for prolonged periods of time.

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i am replying because i want to play.

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among us, in real life.

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my action machine™ is faulty.

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colour: #6640b3.

name: heav.

website: https://heav.mondecitronne.com.

means of contact: https://heav.mondecitronne.com/about%20me.

to clarify, yes, i would like to decommission hpage.osmarks.net.

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whoops, this somehow went unnoticed for some time.

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547, 9144, 8.22174, 99980, -75.

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oh yes, you can also find the round 1 results at all times at https://heav.mondecitronne.com/cg_1.html.

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code guessing 1 has concluded.


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i'm still waiting on guesses from ubq323 and citrons.