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i'd like to thank the concept of headaches for their wondrous contribution to the human sensory experience.

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baidicoot, vic, kpwu, zagura, syntropy, merrybot, forever and madeforlosers are no longer in the webring due to chronic website invalidity. if you're one of these people, you can still reapply.

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j jj j j j jj j j j j jjjjj jj j j j jj jj j j.

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i know we've been talking around this, but bluntly; most have you in mind when thinking of these kinds of behaviours.

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we can improve apionet vacuously by banning everyone.

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it's no secret that many websites in GEORGE are down or do not include the widget. (thanks, zagura, vic, madeforlosers, baidicoot, merrybot, arcade, truttle1, forever, syntropy, kpwu and darylsun.) we, the council, have decided that this is to be changed.

if your site is chronically down or lacks the widget on the page that is linked to, and you haven't resolved this by 2024-05-02, it may be removed from GEORGE at our discretion.

at some point (probably halfway to the deadline or so) i'll also individually contact anyone who hasn't done this.

if you're one of these people and need some sort of special treatment or assistance, please contact us somehow.

if your site is up, but you're still listed here, you probably lack the widget. please look here for how to do that. (the iframe bit is the important part.)

and of course, as always, for an up to date view of if your site is considered 'up' or not, look here.

if you are kicked off, this doesn't preclude you from rejoining GEORGE in the future.

  • heav, on the behalf of the council of GEORGE.
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not enough neurotransmitters. also, the mind spiders.

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it seemed hopeless, but then she realised there was a trapdoor behind her labelled "zzcxz".

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"this post never existed", big brother spoke.

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everyone had been turned into ghasts (minecraft).

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it's not very interesting, and tends to burn out quickly. there's only so much to talk about talking.

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i feel like that could lead to people metadiscussing the topic instead of discussing it.

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talking about things without a topic is hard. sustaining a discussion on nothing is not possible. it's like the awfulness of small talk, but worse since it's in forum format.

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english has about 8 letters per bit of actual information, just compress it optimally using Algorithms?

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my juice is stale.

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colourless orange juice tastes furious, i'd imagine.

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0% orange juice.

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it's really cool to be the one person immune to propaganda, unlike everyone else.

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they've always been here.

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i'm not a user and this isn't content.

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as cool as it sounds, i'm unlikely to be able to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a project right now. maybe i'd consider it more if it already existed and i could contribute to it, and it also had a cool codebase that was cool and not bad.

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"last activity" should recurse upwards across subforae and also include actions like making subforæ.

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ha. apioforum does not have users, or content. ha, ha, ha.

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i see. please ignore everything i have said, am saying and will ever say, then.