some of you may know me as "viba"

has PhDs in Eisenlangs and Windows Crap Edition

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This is majorly unfortunate

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it is indeed quite often referred to as a "community".

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Il existe également une communauté de Vyond notamment connue pour le mème des grounded videos (en français « vidéos de punition »), parodies insolites de personnages de dessins animés se faisant punir cruellement pour un comportement inadéquat. Une grande majorité de ces vidéos sont centrées sur un personnage, par exemple Caillou, Dora l'exploratrice ou bien des personnages crées par la communauté. Généralement, ces personnages se font punir pour une très longue durée, que ce soit pendant un siècle, ou bien pendant des centaines de millions d'années, étant obligés de rester dans leurs chambres pendant cette durée9.

Ces vidéos sont souvent faites dans un but humoristique, alors que les systèmes de synthèse vocale utilisés par Vyond n'arrivent pas à reconnaître certains grands nombres utilisés dans ces vidéos (ils épellent chaque chiffre au lieu de prononcer le nombre normalement), et les onomatopées comme des rires ou des pleurs sont lues littéralement, plutôt que comme des expressions.

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oh no the numbers are going to murder me

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purple is closest to vibapink

edit: apioforum purple happens to look pretty close to vibapink actually

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imagine doing webdev lol

(i generally disagree with the concept of webdev existing (webdev is malware :trol:))

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wait actually "all the hipsters are starting to use it" applies more to Rust than C++ because C++ is like 30 years old

pretend im good at using words for a second......

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although tbh there is no programming language that i can justify my reasons for disliking, because i don't have any actual experiences with them. usually they're just languages that all the hipsters are starting to use and which i've sworn on my life to never use because im too Cool and Based for them. this includes C++ and Rust.

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every programming language that i don't like is malware

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honestly yeah he is

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how unfortunate. lipogram time

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alasa pan

OR: lanpan pan

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рундим кинлунг празанса шул амарџа већен упеифиром.

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виеса шул ба.

ђара ба уприксемутали зари раузин фир ђес

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if you think multiplicatively (as most human brains do), 2 (TWO) is quite different from 1 (one) (single), as it is DOUBLE (2*x) the value.

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ah. the "trolling" part was non serious so i was 100% correct.

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my (totally definitely reasonable) hypothesis is that kit invented a nonstandard video file format and is trolling all of us.

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not necessarily true. perhaps it contains video data, but in a nonstandard format that MPV would not recognize.

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that is roughly 0% helpful.

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me when I converse

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some words i like include "orb", "capsule", "void", "porcelain", and probably many others im forgetting because trying to enumerate all of this is exhausting

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that reminds me i should totally implement vurl in scratch

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i didnt know that the angle bracket syntax existed. wow!

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vurl source code is now available, or something

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it does not. it is written in Lua, which uses its own thing instead of regex

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it is an interpreter, and because I am the one who wrote it, it is almost certainly weird.