some of you may know me as "viba"

has PhDs in Eisenlangs and Windows Crap Edition

— viba

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how unfortunate. lipogram time

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alasa pan

OR: lanpan pan

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рундим кинлунг празанса шул амарџа већен упеифиром.

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виеса шул ба.

ђара ба уприксемутали зари раузин фир ђес

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if you think multiplicatively (as most human brains do), 2 (TWO) is quite different from 1 (one) (single), as it is DOUBLE (2*x) the value.

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ah. the "trolling" part was non serious so i was 100% correct.

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my (totally definitely reasonable) hypothesis is that kit invented a nonstandard video file format and is trolling all of us.

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not necessarily true. perhaps it contains video data, but in a nonstandard format that MPV would not recognize.

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that is roughly 0% helpful.

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me when I converse

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some words i like include "orb", "capsule", "void", "porcelain", and probably many others im forgetting because trying to enumerate all of this is exhausting

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that reminds me i should totally implement vurl in scratch

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i didnt know that the angle bracket syntax existed. wow!

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vurl source code is now available, or something

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it does not. it is written in Lua, which uses its own thing instead of regex

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it is an interpreter, and because I am the one who wrote it, it is almost certainly weird.

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print "this is vurl, viba's useless rudimentary language."

print "how many bees would you like?"
set n (input)
set i 1
while (lte [i] [n])
    print "bee"
    set i (add [i] 1)
print (join "generation of " (join [n] " bees complete."))
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anyways, to ensure that it is not forgotten that this thread is about the B programming language:

the B programming language.

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Yes, but I have done it with a word that is not "I".

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Programming language

(wait i started my message with a capital letter nobody EVER does that)

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i mean im not complaining its pretty based

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why is this like real time chatting but on a forum

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sometimes human conversations just kinda d r i f t i guess

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i hate reading. which, now that i think about it, makes it ironic that something i wrote was used as a demonstration of an intimidation in textual form by someone else who does not like reading.

but i hate it because i dont understand very many words at all, like i spend far more time thinking "what tf are these long strings of fancy words supposed to mean" than getting immersed in the story or whatever. and reading kinda reminds me of school because thats like the only circumstance ive ever done it, because i had to, and school was awful and trauma so yeah.

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"why i dont like reading" by jaiden animations or something

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yeah i always forget i have like 60,000 more johnvertising points than anyone else because i wrote a silly wall of text that was put in the background of a video by a famed youtube person

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im viba of course im a funny little animal

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understandable since this thread is being posted to rather quickly