i exist (P > 0.95)

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it does indeed seem to work now

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i tried adding myself and doing it again and kit was still the only option in the dropdown at the end

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re: latex, mathjax is a thing that i am soon going to be using for website latexing and it seems quite good if you want something client side

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B is not in the english lexicon, as lexicons are sets of words and B is not a word.

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Hello, people of GEORGE. I hereby provide the following information in hopes of future enGEORGEment:

name: trimill

color: #117733


discord: TriMill#6898

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1302, since it is the id of this post

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432, a good approximation for 420 but with more prime factors

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"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." -someone

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six is widely known to be one of the numbers that are

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the icosahedron is easily in my top 5 platonic solids

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80% sure it’s a new book at this point. we can pretty much see the whole thing now, wonder what will change in the next two hours