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ah right, forgot you asked. the bundle currently contains:







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my next move will be to Euston Square, which means i've got to begin a Chess Challenge. my opening move is d4.


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ah, well now is as good a time as any to deploy my chronology anchor to Liverpool Street. it should be close enough to Whitechapel and Algade East to stabilize them for now, but the temporal restructuring might still have effects elsewhere.

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ah, excellent. i collect $50,000 from property taxes on my residential zoning and go to Aldgade East, where i use the money as collateral to take out a $3,000,000 loan, which i retroactively incorporate into my initial budget.

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i'll go with Whitechapel next, and i'll spend $3,000,000 of my initial budget to zone the neighboring nine tiles for residential use.

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ah, good catch. i completely forgot about that rule

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i'll play Waterloo next, which, since the last marzipan deposit code was a perfect square, should open an inactive portal to Grand Central Station

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just to change things up i think i'll play Baker Street, and i'll also redeem 5 of my Electoral Prisms

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the spiders are coming

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the reply

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interestingly this is almost the exact opposite of what GPT does, since it can only generate new tokens and has no way to revise existing output. i'd imagine language models would be able to produce much more accurate output if they were able to revise.

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ah, found the list

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the w3c html validator actually suggests not using the /, which initially surprised me. the reasoning makes sense though

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fun fact! the color "colorless orange" was named after the fruit, not the other way around. before the discovery of the colorless orange tree, the color was typically referred to as "colorless yellow-red"

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wow, this includes many more feeds than are currently in the GEORGE bundle. i am unsure if i should add them without the owners' permissions, however.

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by the year 2035, all authentication will be processed through citrons®auth™ services.

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the mind spiders retroactively generate memories of themselves in your mind. this is a beneficial process, as you should be thinking about mind spiders as often as possible.

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nooo the ear is the orifice by which mind spiders get access to the mind

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oh no, the spiders have already gotten to caesar. it is too late.

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this document refutes everything in existence. consume it and perish:

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i feel like bees apioid beeoid. also, apioforms.

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why do we allow people to execute arbitrary programs on their OS? doesn't that risk overwhelming them with choice? clearly, the only good way to install new software is by forking the OS.

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average Big Number shill.

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ah, but you see, Small Number digits aren't compatible with the proprietary Big Number ecosystem. also, you'll need to buy Big Number products to complete university classes, and for some reason this isn't included in your tuition.

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each digit costs $5/month, but if you purchase a pack of 10 it's only $40/month.

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oh no, they've got to you too.