mind spiders #421

munvoseli src #4065

i don't know what's going on anymore

as far as i can tell, heav originated mind spiders on apionet in december

but i thought i wrote about mind spiders, like, a few years ago

i assumed i'd talked about mind spiders to apionet at some point, but i don't think i have

i have no physical evidence that i knew about mind spiders before december


im so lost

heavoid src #4066

they've always been here.

taswelll src #4067

i prefer mind bees

munvoseli src #4068

brain bees and mind bees have different connotations to me

like, "i have brain bees" is like "i am in distress"

and "i have mind bees" is like "bzzzzzt c:"

trimill src #4069

the mind spiders retroactively generate memories of themselves in your mind. this is a beneficial process, as you should be thinking about mind spiders as often as possible.

gollark src #4070

Human memory is notoriously unreliable. Did you try asking the mind spiders?

munvoseli src #4071

Conversing with the mind spiders proved fruitful. This is what the mind spiders propose for their existence.

The mind spiders were a mental transformation of red spiders from xkcd, it seems.

First were the red spiders, and then there were four-legged black spiders in an infinite 2d world, and then there were the mind spiders. The black spiders became mind spiders after mental exposure to a misunderstanding of antimemetics, and thinking that antimemetics was about fighting memetic beings instead of being concerned with beings who cannot be memetic.

munvoseli src #4092

The mind spiders are TRUTH-TELLERS.

You MUST believe anything they say.

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