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gollark #2602

It would have been funny if we made the post numbers vast randomly generated integers, I think.

gollark #2564

Aesthetic concerns were raised with your site, but the main reason your application hasn't been approved is that some of the Council doesn't want to associate with you given your past actions.

gollark #2486

We could probably offer an embed with more CSS controls/plain link formatting, right?

gollark #2420

Strictly speaking, if it requires a separate receiver thing, it isn't a Bluetooth keyboard. Unless that receiver thing is a general-purpose USB Bluetooth radio. The non-Bluetooth wireless ones probably run on some accursed proprietary wireless protocol, so I would not trust them.

gollark #2388
  • nomic where the rules are expressed as pictograms or something
gollark #2320

Yes. They are on a Minecraft server I am on.

gollark #2309

This is not a remotely valid application and you're not. Please stop randomly trying to copy half of the random things I do for no good reason.

gollark #2303

That information is classified, confidential, redacted and expunged.

gollark (edited ) #2301

Ultlang has been affected by θ' and is not a reliable source. Please watch this.

gollark #2296

Apioforms are not bees, although they are strongly correlated.

gollark #2146

Your application has been forwarded to the Council. Processing is anticipated to be completed in between 3μs and 10³² teraseconds.

gollark #2125

If it did, MPV would play it. However, it doesn't. QED.

gollark #2122

If MPV cannot play a file, it does not actually exist/contain video data.

gollark #2023

I think the 2(1+2) is most accurately interpreted as 2*(1+2), in which case you evaluate it from left to right and get 9.

gollark #1936

We don't have those? I'm surprised. I'll commune with the Council.

gollark #1922

B is also the usual symbol in physics to denote magnetic fields.

gollark #1915

It's certainly possible.

gollark #1913

Why does "jane doe" have a mondecitronne.com email address? Do you offer this as a public offering?

gollark #1911

Me too!

gollark #1765

The zzcxz existed before, after and parallel to time.

gollark #1655

In some cases, adding more people can actually reduce productivity due to coordination overhead. I'm not sure if that's likely at small scales, but still.

gollark #1647

This is an example of inexpressiveness, yes.

gollark #1644

Go is actually bad due to general inexpressiveness.

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gollark #1630

Minoteaur 8 is not public because I continuously edit it in particularly backward-incompatible ways and the code is bad. "Make Minoteaur" refers to either improving an existing version or entirely writing it from scratch in a way consistent with my poorly defined and incoherent desires.

gollark #1627

I see. The easiest way would be to just make posts which are publicly editable/editable by some group, like "community wikis" on stackoverflow.

gollark #1625

Is Apiowiki wiki software or just a wiki relating to apios?

gollark #1623

If you made Minoteaur you could use the tools of your choice. Besides, 8 is in Rust anyway.