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gollark #4725

I'm not sure there was any worry about "room" so much as people just not bothering to process the applications.

gollark #4622

leaving it up to “administrative discretion” creates a hole through which those with administrative power are given infinite power

We already have infinite power.

gollark #4609

If we apply unreasonable amounts of machine learning and rewrite the server code, we could heavenban people, or pseudo-heavenban people into groups.

gollark #4608

Nobody likes moving things between channels.

gollark #4606

The arguments drive engagement, which is beneficial in advance of our IPO.

gollark #4580

I don't see any deleted posts.

gollark #4551

It's been years since I've played a good old game of Mornington Crescent, but I think I'll start with South Kensington. Since it's next to the museums I should gain +1 on my initial INT score.

gollark #4372

I think they're in my nonurgent queue, and thus will be gotten round to by about 2035, assuming such a year exists.

gollark #4348

Suddenly a grinding noise sounded from behind her: the megazord had finished assembling itself from the parts her team had brought, and was rapidly running through its startup procedures.

gollark #4342

As Big Brother was a ghast at this point, this was not particularly clear to anyone nearby.

gollark #4338

I vaguely remember something about language models with a diffusion objective but I don't know much about them. Certainly work on using language models to edit text has been done.

gollark #4337

Fortunately, her team's defensive cordon outside the building had held, and she didn't need to call in an orbital laser strike yet.

gollark #4264

Your application has been applied using Applicative.

gollark #4259

We apologize for the delay. Your application is being processed processively. Expect a response in 6 to 8 weeks.

gollark #4227

It's inconvenient and inelegant to have to target implementations.

gollark #4181

Actually, I'm immune to propaganda, but you are not. GTech™ apiologizes for the inconvenience.

gollark #4082

This is not true. We anticipate that osmarksinternalauth™ will actually consume at least 32% of computer systems by then as they are integrated into osmarks.net.

gollark #4070

Human memory is notoriously unreliable. Did you try asking the mind spiders?

gollark #4035

Making Minecraft clones/replacements. There are rather a lot.

gollark #4029

I feel like this has been tried a lot and not worked.

gollark #3996

Applications are processed at random using memetics, although actually reminding us of them will probably work.

gollark #3467

REAL programmers just make computers do all division tasks.

gollark #3379

You should probably not use it for anything but approved microwave uses. They are unsafe.

gollark #3075

Maybe I could set up some automation to do a page a day and we could discuss it (although getting people to do that would be nontrivial).

gollark #3073

But I'm enjoying the Apioforum reading experience! I guess I could just post modern translations myself in segments.

gollark #3071

While I'm theoretically interested in Old English epic poetry slightly, I can only guess at what most of this means. Please offer a modern English translation or you won't have.

gollark #3004

Your incautious actions have doomed us all. It is far too late now.

gollark #2876

Implode immediately.