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Seirdy (edited ) src #2472

Dread it. Run from it. GEORGE comes just the same. GEORGE will not watch out for that tree. I'd like to join the GEORGE ring (preferably before Forever does because they're trying to catch up to my webring count /j) Both I and Forever would like to add plain HTML links rather than an embed, if at all possible.

Preferred color: as black or as white as possible.

Webbed Site: Name: Seirdy

forever src #2473


citrons (bureaucrat) src #2478

hi, I've read an article of yours before. I like your website.

the embed is presently required as it enables arbitrary updates and makes navigation through the webring obvious. if this is inconvenient, you can put it on a subpage, like this, and link in your preferred way on other pages.

gollark src #2486

We could probably offer an embed with more CSS controls/plain link formatting, right?

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2495

we already do, somewhat. you can configure the foreground, background and link colours with url parameters. in theory i could add endpoints that redirect to the prev or next sites from a given site, but i do quite like the uniformity the iframe and its pulsating GEORGE brings. idk

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2535

the council has accepted your application! please add this to your website:

<iframe height="50" src="" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>
Seirdy (edited ) src #2555

I have added auto-updated links to my homepage. Instead of using the iframe, I made links update while my static site is built. It is rebuilt regularly. This should also save you some bandwidth, since visits to my homepage will not hit your server. downloads the iframe and uses htmlq to extract the prev/home/next links, and then inserts them into a CSV file containing all my webring links.

The Hugo template for my webrings builds an HTML representation of each entry in the CSV file.

GEORGE is too great to listen to the whims of the client side. GEORGE shall be delivered to all clients, regardless of their iframe compatibility. Even web crawlers shall see GEORGE---nay, GEORGE shall see them.

(also im not fragmenting the ring anymore, you can remove that notice from the homepage).

fragmentSagisces src #3003

the webline thingy is done automatically based on whether the embed is present on the specified site. that is just how it works unfortunately

gollark src #3004

Your incautious actions have doomed us all. It is far too late now.

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