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I mean, it's pretty simple: people need to be happy in order to be productive.

ahahhahahahhahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa they don't give a fuckkkkkkkk

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in theory this would work but unfortunately a large portion of current generation People don't have the processing power to handle most applications so in practice this isn't yet a feasible alternative

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couldn't've said it better myself

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this is a good query

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large sibling

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magenta is not an option, but purple is close enough.

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counterpoint: bi

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the webline thingy is done automatically based on whether the embed is present on the specified site. that is just how it works unfortunately

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yes colours

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is this the real bigclivedotcom or is this a fan account of some form

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i had the idea for a breadquest successor once, however it was more like a topdown tilebased gmod in retrospect

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oh no.

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i have essentially never worked with other people on a software project. this is likely due to the fact that i am a megalomaniac.

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at a certain team scale working without dedicated coordinators is essentially impossible

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very good point

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yeah i really don't know anything outside of github. this is embarassing :/

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it would appear that hosting projects on sourcehut requires payment.

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i personally have only ever used github, but it may be time to try something else. i'll look into sourcehut

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that would be nice; personally the issue for me is not that i cannot make stuff in python, it's that i am not very productive and as a single person that directly translates to not much progress being made on a project

given more than one person, the productivity at any one time should either be zero, equal to the productivity of one person or equal to the productivity of two people, which is one extra arguably better option than if you only had one person working on it

in non-bloated talk, yeah, working with other people is more productive and sometimes even nice

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in all honesty the main programming languages i use ever are python and lua (specifically the pico-8 dialect)

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skill issues.

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i cannot use go due to circumstances. so i would likely be fine with such a server

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i have decided to. perhaps i shall fail but i believe it is worth a try. here are the required details:

name: fragment

colour: #aa00ff

webpage: (if you do the root domain instead of /home then it will redirect to /home anyways, wasting a few milliseconds of temporal distance)

discord username and tag: fragmentSagisces#9651

here's hoping.

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i have completely forgotten this because ★procrastination★. i wish i had seen this earlier because at the time i did actually have motivation for that project, and now i do not.

welp, it is what it is.

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