breadquest successor names #242

munvoseli src #2159

i have been idly thinking about if a game were a sequel to breadquest but it is lending itself to ubq puns

one route is ultimate breadquest (ubq)

another route, going by the mega man dos thing where it skips the second game, is breadquest 3 (bq3)

i guess those are only 2 ubq puns

i don't know where i am going with this


fragmentSagisces src #2160

i had the idea for a breadquest successor once, however it was more like a topdown tilebased gmod in retrospect

ultlang src #2161

ultimate breadquest: three to three

ultlang src #2162

(ingredients, clearly)

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2163

breadquest n (bqn)

kit src #2164

breadquest npn (transistor)

mb src #2165

breadquest gay (gay breadquest (gay))

kit src #2166

bread (quest)

mb src #2167

qead (bruest)

citrons (bureaucrat) src #2168


mb src #2169

lukin e pan

viba src #2231

alasa pan

OR: lanpan pan

taswelll src #2233

to fight breadly

Jmzd8 (edited ) src #2234



heavoid src #2312

loaf hunt

bigbenclock src #2342


ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2343

the age of apioforum novelty accounts is upon us

bigclivedotcom src #2344


fragmentSagisces src #2346

is this the real bigclivedotcom or is this a fan account of some form

bigclivedotcom src #2349


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