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bees may or may not exist depending on the imaginary complement of the current wind map, as planned. we must measure the


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she had already caught sight of signs of starting migration - they had to find a use for the chairs as soon as possible.

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why are they?

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this is so sad i saw the title and immediately thought "haha full block character" and someone's already sent it

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ok! don't then

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that one!! c:

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i have only coded in malbolge and intercal before to have job opportunities in the future, but this code guessing i have written in something more esoteric

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not since the accident

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peejosa is literally a conpidgin already it would be tower of babel using a conlang at least partially created by tower of babelling

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ok i think we should un tower of babel ise probably

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nefason vi pö magh v fairejosaer v koren apioforumpjes v koren mumente sore ist verndaselaere usmon

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that's quite smiling_impical

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ah. what language is it in?

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'vert topobi dadoz fod avrak di "thread" paz una pagole, hupoy fod terins mus valar solm (dou jit figev dudasid fod arele), nosiv dou figev trurabode tilonu liva devis di lobva liva fod terins!!! nahag verhulbi GEORGE "grow"!!!!!'

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disclaimer: i may or may not actually agree depending on the translation

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i agree

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jmzd8: i was just making a joke about the mega- si prefix lol

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ubq: you should add tag