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bees may or may not exist depending on the imaginary complement of the current wind map, as planned. we must measure the


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aoieuoaeuae oiuaeouae oiaeu oaeui oea, oaeuioaiu. aoiuoeiuoaeiu oaieu aeo; eoauoaeu:

  • eaiuaoeuiaoe aeoiuae
  • oiaeuoaieu eaoua eouoeaueiauiu (aioe)
  • aeiuaoei ieuieu (eauoiuaeo iou oaeui) oiuaeoieuaoe, aeiuao oiaeoiaeuoae eau oiaeuo. oaeiu oaeuoaeiuoae. aiuaoaeui (BlueManedHawk votes for 4: neither of the above) aiueueaoiae oiaeuoae oiu– aeuoaiuoae.
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oh, i almost forgot! 721.

ultlang #4573

aha, thanks! i'm not the most familiar with marzipans. i will then move back to aldgate east and once again spend an R cog for fortune spins. 100, 500, 300 - that should get me a third of the way to 3339's bonus.

ultlang #4571

oh, did 3339 get responded to?

ultlang #4567

and that's a left-mid column bingo for me! the seven sisters portal should be open now

ultlang #4563

i go to farringdon, bringing me to 8 cogs of rotation; i will then spend one on three rotations of the wheel of fortune for the second time. that's 100, 1000 and 500, which once again fails, so i will simply withdraw it as đồng.

ultlang #4559

aha, good code! i'm exchanging a cog of the R wheel's rotation for three spins on the wheel of fortune. let's see – that's a 300, a 100 and another 100, which sadly isn't divisible by 3. oh well. i'll just set the letter bomb fuse to AQJKT and move to baker street in that case.

ultlang #4555

i will play notting hill gate, putting me to five R gear cogs. also, i should hopefully get a dodecahedron, if i'm remembering this right.

ultlang #4543

i'll go to regent's park and rotate my R gear by two cogs.

ultlang #4536

i'll join in with covent garden if that's okay

ultlang #4456

bee beebee bee bees (bee apio bees), bee apiobee apioform bee

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she had already caught sight of signs of starting migration - they had to find a use for the chairs as soon as possible.

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why are they?

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this is so sad i saw the title and immediately thought "haha full block character" and someone's already sent it

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ok! don't then

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that one!! c:

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i have only coded in malbolge and intercal before to have job opportunities in the future, but this code guessing i have written in something more esoteric

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not since the accident

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peejosa is literally a conpidgin already it would be tower of babel using a conlang at least partially created by tower of babelling