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werewolves (also known as mafia) is one of the oldest hidden-role-social-deduction games ("amonglikes"). i think it would be fun to play such a game on apioforum.

you probably know roughly how this kind of game works. however, i will explain anyway:

  • at the start of the game every player is assigned a role, either 'werewolf' or 'innocent town person' (not werewolf)
  • the werewolves are all told who the other werewolves are, and have their own private thread for evil plotting. the innocent town people are not told what anyone else's role is.
  • during the 'night' phase, the werewolves collectively vote on one person that they shall kill. dead players are removed from the game.
  • during the 'day' phase, all players collectively vote on one person to kill.
  • the goal of the werewolves is to kill everyone who isn't a werewolf. the goal of the innocent town people is to kill all the werewolves.
  • there will probably also be a 'fortune teller', which is an innocent town person with the power to learn the role of any player of their choice, once per night.
  • i might add other roles with other powers, depending on how many players there are in total.
  • this game will be played in real time, with one day/night cycle every 24 real world hours. this eliminates any difficulties arising from timezones or people's other commitments, and also gives plenty of time for discussion, speculation, etc.

reply to this thread if you want to play. we will start once there are enough players (6 is probably the absolute minimum, ideally more than that), or when i say so. please don't join if you plan to go inactive once the game starts, that makes it no fun for anyone.

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i am here to play

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wow just like among us

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among us, in real life.

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taswelll, heavoid, are you replying because you want to play, or are you just replying otherwise

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i want to play one of the oldest hidden-role-social-deduction games ("amonglikes")

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i am replying because i want to play.

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reply (ill play if i have time)

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ill play if ubq does her gotdamn maths work

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I will play this "amonglike"

also a request for clarification: can the werewolves kill the fortune teller

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sounds cool im in

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