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thx! its a huge improvement over the last one, as now it uses PHP, and uses variable weights instead of just "yes" or "no" or "idk"

you can dump the current training data at and the questions at

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yes! its at, but its quite a mess at the moment

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ok i think its fixed now

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wait did you add yourself to the db or is it broken?

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i am the only one in the database so far

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i improved my 20 questions game and also made it use PHP instead of C

please check it out and give it more data

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thats fair

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what should i change about my site to get admitted?

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i dont recognize them so i dont think they have been here before

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what if brainfuck derivative conlang

speaking in brainfuck




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hmm never thought about that, and i think that could definitely be possible

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gay gay homosexual gay

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update: i am now using my moms old laptop (which is actually a really nice laptop, despite her claims of it being "too slow")

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no its not im just using an on screen keyboard now

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oh its a bot??? cool!!

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okay it topped again

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wtf why is it repeating letters but only sometimes

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holy shit itss wworking now??

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you can only buy the full faceplate ithout reorting to third party option, hich i hat i did before. and in order to eperate the keyboard from the faceplate you need to be omehat detructive :(

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im debating hether i hould jut give up on thi laptop and buy a ne one, or pend another $100 on another keyboard

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thi i o ad

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i indeed bee

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ubq im at chool rn o not really lmao

i have a ub keyboard at home but not ith me rn

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4 8 16 3 64 18 56 104 048 4096...

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oop forgot 8

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i cant even type mot poer of !

, 4, 16, 3, 64, 18, 56, 104, 048...