death #365

heavoid src #3493

547, 9144, 8.22174, 99980, -75.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3494

what is the meaning of this

viba src #3495

oh no the numbers are going to murder me

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3496

so true

BlueManedHawk src #3497

Personally, i have no plans to die.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3498

I do not have plans for this either.

caesar src #3499

i have plans that actively contradict death

citrons (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #3500

quite. though it is unclear whether or not this post is about death in actuality.

apparently, this post has a meaning, which is apparently unlikely to be discerned. the numbers intentionally are devoid of relationships with each other or patterns.

caesar src #3501

the numbers are random?

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3502

I'm not sure if they're random.

razetime src #3503

each one represents an apioforum member

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3504

who, do you propose

kit src #3505

hopefully me

razetime src #3506

no. not allowed

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