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I will not.

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I'm not willing to support this.

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stars of ice

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I know of nothing i can share that people are unlikely to have heard of.

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la croix

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Personally, i have no plans to die.

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12This text is colorless on the apioforum, but should appear in blue through the webhook. (oops, that didn't work)

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leg hands

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oh no

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i think it should be obvious which one i'm voting for

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huh. green@1 and bee@2 are very close colors.

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This is inconvenient. A solution would be to have the name of a thread be displayed when hovering it.

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Based on my personal experience, having separate tags for feature requests and bug reports leads to occasional bickering about what counts as which, distracting from discussion of the actually important parts of them.

On the other hand, distinguishing between what is and isn't a problem is important—after all, if something doesn't fix a problem, then it won't end up being used and will just end up bloating things. Having a single tag for issues would encourage insightful discussions about whether something is really a problem.

I've personally found that feature requests tend to be issue reports in disguise, even if the reporter doesn't realize it—usually, it's completely possible to reword them to show how they would fix some sort of problem. If that's not possible…well, it's not really worth implementing, is it?

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Would it be possible to have subforæ cascade their posts upwards to their parent forums recursively (unless they're private, of course)?

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A notifications page would be nice. Would RSS integration be possible?

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Y'all could put the unsubscribe link right at the top in big text to parody sites that make unsubscribing from mailing lists a labyrinthine quest of sorrow.

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Well, yeah, but sometimes somebody isn't online.

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I don't really think that this is a great idea. I worry that wikis will encourage people to be slow, non-stringent, and incomprehensive about documenting things, something that i've seen happen before, although i'm not completely sure why it happens. What i think would be better is some way to allow for documentation of subforæ, integrated within the apioforum.