les citrons du mondecitronne

we are yet to be introduced to various mechanisms which will alter our ability to so brazenly ascend forth, particularly that of skin.

who is mark?

— citrons

a very long time ago

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I need to go see a man about a pre.

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I was exposed to the ravens who in their grace pecked and clawed all of my organs out.

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hi, linda.

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the Skydragon

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horniness is godliness.

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but before Jerry could even take one step away, the trap door blown asunder from the fireball of a ghast, with the opening immediately caving in, swallowing all above.

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I ought to read these books.

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aggravated from being unnoticed, and as ghasts are wont, Big Brother regurgitated a flaming mass towards Elise and her tactical operatives.

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they had been prepared for many things, but they could not have predicted the cacophony of screeching square specters suspended at the scene.

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they were at once aghast at the scene before them.

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I wish to begin an activity. the rules of the activity are as follows:

  • in this thread, one may post a reply containing a single sentence.
  • each sentence should contribute to an overall story.
  • anything goes story-wise (except that which should be obvious), but each reply should be a good-faith contribution to the story, and keep in mind the cardinal rule of improv, "never say no*".
  • one may not post two replies in a row.
  • refresh the page right before posting to avoid conflicting replies.

I will post the first sentence.

* do not take this literally

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well, that's a form of discussion.

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bee, that sounds frustrating.

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not using features does not mean they do not exist. they are used in codebases and libraries, burden implementations, and inform the usage and idioms of the language in general. you can't just ignore the complexity of a complex language.

also, C++ fails at being an extension to C. C++ is not a full superset of C.

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I think that C++ is a horribly overcomplicated kitchen sink language that fails to improve many major flaws of C, being layered haphazardly upon it.

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I enjoy your bootable OS things conceptually, and I hope you make more of them.

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I'll look at all of the new GEORGE applications tomorrow and also answer all the john emails.

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I like this GEORGE button quite a bit.

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no, it would be you can add +thing to your email address, and it delivers to the same address but obviously with a different "from" address.

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I have a full log of #a in poezio (since the creation of the XMPP channel).

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crushing the words down so that they fit into the display sounds unpleasant. you could just deal with the large text size and scroll quickly.

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wow, this is a very interesting PDF.

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NBT is not JSON at all. it's not supposed to be. it's actually a binary format with a textual representation. "Named Binary Tag". JSON is used in the game in other places (like in formatted text), and it is used compliantly.

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optimal idea.