les citrons du mondecitronne

we are yet to be introduced to various mechanisms which will alter our ability to so brazenly ascend forth, particularly that of skin.

I am helping develop apioforum.

who is mark?

— citrons

a very long time ago

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there is this documentary film I watched that started out about the early internet/ARPAnet and devolved into conspiracy theories about the effects of the radiation from cell towers. I don't remember what it was called.

it's probably not that weird, but I can't remember anything weirder.

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this is rather coherent.

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I like snivy pokémon.

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this is so fingerous; it's like an entire hand.

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I could have sworn that I'd seen you on apioforum before.

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dongle-based wireless keyboards are probably vulnerable to some rubber-duckyish attacks, thinking about it

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downtime will begin tomorrow at about 08:00 UTC and will last 10 days.

services affected:

  • mondecitronne web services

services unaffected:

  • email
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hi, I've read an article of yours before. I like your website.

the embed is presently required as it enables arbitrary updates and makes navigation through the webring obvious. if this is inconvenient, you can put it on a subpage, like this, and link in your preferred way on other pages.

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I see.

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  • nomic played in a conpidgin that is only allowed to be spoken within the game
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hello! this is presently being considered. do note that GEORGE is very bureaucratic and can take any amount of time and/or red tape to reach a decision.

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how minecraftian.

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do you know this person, gollark

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all are advised to interact with and

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hello, vess

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heav and I played the map, but we're waiting on the bugfixes you apparently mentioned planning on doing to continue.

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citrons """"user of""""

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you can email me if you want to know if I'm being serious or not.

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what's tumblr? I only know about Social Media. in any case, I don't know what your email is.

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there are various contextual clues that may indicate my level of seriousness (e.g. the setting (place, time, etc)). I am sure that upon analysis, you will find that I must be completely serious.

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you should view my social media profile to find out.

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a corresponding antimemes will be deployed to neutralize any and all memetic material originating from my website.