les citrons du mondecitronne

we are yet to be introduced to various mechanisms which will alter our ability to so brazenly ascend forth, particularly that of skin.

who is mark?

— citrons

a very long time ago

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so true.

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I enjoy this story.

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CUBE-eating is known to be harmful to cats.

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I'm not sure about services. I believe some might exist, but I imagine they're hard to find. there are a few tools you can use to do it yourself, however. how legal they are depends on where you live.

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in cases of astronaut infestations, fatality has often occurred. thankfully, there are many methods of exterminating astronauts.

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mind spiders are good. mind spiders are good.

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I set the meta-situation machine to W mode.

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I witness the VX contamination of the gravestone and so consult the enclosed instruction booklet. in section 7 of the booklet, which covers acts of chemical warfare, protocol A8190-7 is detailed. and so it is engaged.

I lift my type 3 telephone off the hook and ask to speak with a telephone administrator. I disclose to the administrator that I am using the telephone under the capacity of an executor of a section 7 situation machine protocol. the telephone administrator grants me access to the 5th column of the type 3 dial pad, allowing me to dial type 3 numbers.

I dial the situation machine corporation's type 3 hotline. I am automatically connected to their computer system, powered by their renown 7km² electromagnetic relay-based supercomputer. I type A8190-7 on the type 3 dialpad (which has a dash character), which automatically connects me to the section 7 help desk.

protocol A8190-7 states that the section 7 help desk operator will dictate my further actions. the operator informs me that the section 7 situation produced by the situation machine is well within parameters and instructs me to perform no further actions.

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I deposit 25 cents of legal US tender into the situation machine. the situation has begun.

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P.S. there are many threads consisting of aimlessly posting gibberish, or screwing around with forum markup. there needn't be more.

P.P.S. forum-style posting typically takes the form of few, long posts. there is no reason to make many, short ones. if you have additional thoughts, you can edit them into your existing post (admittedly, I am guilty of not doing this).

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ðytPÖN viz soqnam

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evil mode is no more a peace treaty than wine or WSL

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I was just thinking about that ^.

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thank you for the suggestions.


there is no meaningful distinction here.

this is because they seem to me to be plain nonsequiteurs (i'm fine with this, but i realize others may not be)

the preferences of people who do not like the style of art I make or publish are of no concern to me at all.

but in others they are literal actual advertisements

ok. a link to a webpage I think is cool is also an "advertisement" in this sense. also is a webring. I have started to grow weary of people who just want to link to their websites, but that's a separate concern.

Requests for changes are to modify the description before the leaderboard to explicitly state that johnvertisement is a satirization of advertising

no thank you.

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pig elected president

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I am going to look at boil. now with more docs.

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I sadly can't attend; I'm stuck in a stable time loop.

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this will take 2 years at the same pace. (do not spam threads to quicken the pace)

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the octopus scene made me cackle.

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I was JUST watching that episode yesterday.

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^ much like a cow

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what are these lossy variations of QOI?

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I also prefer the former.

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it's clearly a reference to string theory.

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celebratory exclamation

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an end to class inequity is not a sci-fi situation where we have infinite storage space