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I like this website very much. I like to communicate here, feel free to start a thread mentioning my username (I get mentioned on IRC if I'm online)

I live on esolangs, fighting games and array programming. I write tons of docs as well. BQN

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i suppose it is an aftereffect of vapourwave and the aesthetic being so popular in meme culture

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wish i had a sherlock holmes in my life..

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medic isn't good to choose in casual anyway. Better in uncletopia where you have people actively torturing sniper mains to make sure it feels fair. most good maps have funny sneaky ways to pick em off, especially the more mobile loadouts

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idk what kind of insane sniper mains you're playing against cause i tend to stumble upon sniperbros who can't shoot a target standing still

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discussion why the topic came up, etc

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can other people host code guessing?

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how do i acquire the immunity? vaccination?

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hi citrons, who do you play in 100% orange juice

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a wiki needs a community. You need people to think "yes I want to add this data to the public wiki" when they see something. This is easier with the general arts than it is with code. Emacs is a good example of how great community documentation can be, and how such a project should be moderated. Initial stages of public documentation are always messy. keeping it that way lets more people get involved. later you want to aggregate info and organize all of that together. this is what I've seen in the jsoftware wiki, (and k wiki, which has pretty much 99% of its work completed by me).

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very much so

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cool. is this the only specification of it?

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youer mom

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very alive for how obscure it is.

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distinct websites, yes

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i will smash jon

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Considering that many (if not most) sites that present john have johnvertisements themselves, what could be the longest possible chain of websites one could theoretically visit, clicking johnvertisements only?

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euler feeling kinda fruity

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holy moly what a unit of a site

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you can probably ask citrons for a place to download all johnverts from. Then getting it done server side is just a single http request a week

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Latching self-worth to a project has not helped me in the past, but breaks from the avalanche of media online have been of help. good luck to you, munvoseli.

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RSS feed

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every aoc i do is at https://github.com/razetime/aoc this year is lil and BQN

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this is why fallout new vegas must be anned

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cannot wait !!11111

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yoshi island glass beach? that one?

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if you haven't already you should listen to Susumu Hirasawa

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i am here to play