Winner of the prestigious apioforum number guessing competition

I like this website very much. I like to communicate here, feel free to start a thread mentioning my username (I get mentioned on IRC if I'm online)

I live on esolangs, fighting games and array programming. I write tons of docs as well. BQN

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feel free to say stuff about your programming experience here

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momma joe

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bqn, hence correct.

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Observe, Meta-categorial. It shall surpass the limits of the "wiki".

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we should keep doing tower of babel

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I am voting!!

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that does sound more doable

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ffbm a bit too involved for me (baby)

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thinking about participating in Octojam 9. completely casual, cool and good.

I want to try and remake the Game and Watch Octopus game in CHIP-8 octo assembly. If anyone would like to join or give a different idea it'd be cool. It'd also be cool to have other people from apioforum making their own games for this.

video for octopus

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me when i
br stands for battle royale

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Hi I am number guessing

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⍺ beats ⑳ because it is a variable and can be anything

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omg possum enjoyer i agree.

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Just gonna spam this thread to test markdown

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in the sheets

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Who plays fighting games here? I am starting Street Fighter III: Third strike on fightcade if anyone wants to try a free retro game with me.

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is there any plan for this forum to be useful

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hi ubq we love your work