GEORGEpplication #325

  GEORGE application
motan src #3025
  • name: motan
  • color: #d3c6aa
  • site:
  • discord: kije motan#0405
motan src #3174


motan src #3373

me when i when the the in on the a that

motan src #3507


razetime src #3512

takes a little while for george council decisions

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #3513

you could potentially add more content to your site. this might speed up the council's decision a bit.

motan src #3588

i could

motan src #3903

fastest council decision:

heavoid (bureaucrat) src #3952

maybe you should look at thread 367. finding thread 367 is left as an exercise to the reader.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3955

actually, they did exercise thread 367. also of note is that I vetted this website 127 days ago.

heavoid (bureaucrat) src #3958

i see. please ignore everything i have said, am saying and will ever say, then.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3959

oh no.

motan src #3995

useless bump

gollark src #3996

Applications are processed at random using memetics, although actually reminding us of them will probably work.

motan src #4006

useful bump

motan src #4012

also bumping

motan src #4039

it has come to my attention that i have not bumped this post in 6 days

motan src #4052


c1 src #4053

congratulations. you have been accepted into the george. please send your registration fee of 200,000 dollars.

motan src #4054

on it boss

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #4122

sorry for the delay. you have been accepted into GEORGE! please add this to your website somewhere: <iframe height="50" src="" style="border:none;width:100%" sandbox="allow-top-navigation"></iframe>

or see the documentation for more options

motan src #4139

worth the wait

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