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one must simply "laugh" until they find their "ass" has separated from their body

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i am literally lmao at this time.

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das Kreuz

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congratulations. you have been accepted into the george. please send your registration fee of 200,000 dollars.

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it is apparent i am also reachable via xmpp c@paranoid.network

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it is also apparent that there are a large number of requests located here. it is also apparent that most of these requests have not been accepted. it is also apparent that i do not provide much substance to the GEORGE. thus one can conclude that my chances of acquiring GEORGE are quite slim.

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hello #g from the bee

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I prefer to be described as 'c+1', or 'c1' if necessary.

The color would appear to be #c0d3f2

The web address should be https://nest.place/

I can be contacted via the following email addresses: cplus1@cock.li c@nest.place cplus1.almondsaretasty@gmail.com

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