"dead" forum, ""laughing out loud"". #407

heavoid src #3971

ha. apioforum does not have users, or content. ha, ha, ha.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3972

clearly, this post doesn't exist.

heavoid src #4048

i'm not a user and this isn't content.

c1 src #4058

i am literally lmao at this time.

jmibo src #4060

how does one accomplish this

c1 src #4061

one must simply "laugh" until they find their "ass" has separated from their body

big brother (bureaucrat) #4678
this post never existed.
serverman src #4679

woah this is what happens when you delete post? lmao


this means i gotta launch cmd until i bsod?

thatguywithsoup src #4979

nonono dont go bsod

bruh2 src #5031

no, if you want bsod do it the BIG way: unplug the hdd/ssd while its running

serverman src #5038


serverman src #5744

if this is dead im in the moon

BlueManedHawk src #5746

That position is taken.

serverman src #5747


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