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i want to rewrite apioforum's permissions system because the current system is confusing and hard to understand. firstly, inheritance of subforums will be removed. (forums will instead be able to link to other forums on their main page). this is because the inheritance system makes everything a lot more complicated to understand and reason about, but doesn't really add much value imo.

then, i am currently unable to decide between the following models:

option 1

every forum is either 'public' or 'private'. 'public' forums have a list of managers. a manager of a public forum can do anything in that forum. 'public' forums also have a set of permissions, which describe what actions (create thread, reply to thread, vote on polls, etc...) can be done by everyone who is not a manager of that forum.

'private' forums have a list of managers, and a list of members. a manager of a private forum can do anything in that forum. 'private' forums have a set of permissions, which describe what actions can be done by everyone who is a member of that forum. people who aren't a manager or a member of a private forum can't do anything at all in that forum, not even view posts in it or see that it exists.

option 2

all forums have a list of managers and a list of members. a manager of a forum can always do anything in that forum. each forum also has two sets of permissions. the first describes what actions members of that forum can perform, and the second describes what actions users who are neither managers nor members of that forum can do.

this generalizes option 1: a 'private' forum is just a forum where non-members can't view things. i feel like this one is more useful, maybe

option 3

in all forums, every user has a 'role'. if a user doesn't have a role explicitly set in a forum, its role is considered to be 'other'. if a user's role in a forum is 'manager', that user can always do anything in that forum.

for every role that is used in a forum (including 'other'), that forum has a set of permissions, describing what actions can be taken by users with that role.

this is very similar to the current system, just without inheritance

i am not sure which of these options would be the best to use. if you have any thoughts on these options, or if you have any other ideas for how it should work, post them below

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for swedish related matters you should ask coral, probably

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i wonder if making it use an orm of some kind would be good. i do not know much about orms, maybe someone here does. and if we did do that would it be best to use an existing orm, or to make our own ormish thing.

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maybe i will rewrite the basics of it, to better judge how much effort it would be to rewrite the whole thing. and actually a refactor of the existing code would probably make it much nicer to work with, and would be very satisfying to complete.

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i am vaguely wondering whether it would be less effort to rewrite apioforum from scratch, possibly in a different language, instead of working on the existing code. realistically i will probably do the latter, but slowly.

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this is cool

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you can now sort by modification time or creation time, ascending or descending. you can also filter threads to only show those with a particular tag.

more specific and powerful tag filtering logic was considered but i didn't add it because it would have been much more complicated and i don't think it is needed. i might be proven wrong about this in the future.

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the council has accepted your application! please add this to your website:

<iframe height="50" src="https://george.gh0.pw/embed.cgi?vic" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>
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your application has already been sent to the council. please be patient.

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ok, the content security policy of https://aroace.space/GEORGE contains frame-src john.citrons.xyz; which is blocking the GEORGE navbar iframe. you should add george.gh0.pw to it.

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the council has accepted your application! please add this to your website:

<iframe height="50" src="https://george.gh0.pw/embed.cgi?seirdy" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>
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'gay' subsumes all

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apioforum has been moderately enpridemonthed

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I will take a look in a bit, on mobile right now

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apio bees

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we already do, somewhat. you can configure the foreground, background and link colours with url parameters. in theory i could add endpoints that redirect to the prev or next sites from a given site, but i do quite like the uniformity the iframe and its pulsating GEORGE brings. idk

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congratulations, you have been enGEORGEd! please add this to your website somewhere:

<iframe height="50" src="https://george.gh0.pw/embed.cgi?forever" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>
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oh i like that one

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hello. what colour would you like your link to appear on the main GEORGE page?

while you are waiting, you may want to join the GEORGE channel, via irc or xmpp or discord. the links to this are on the main GEORGE apioforum page.

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the of

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true, i guess

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i think that this big ben bot should not bump very old threads.

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the council has accepted your application! please add this to your website:

<iframe height="50" src="https://george.gh0.pw/embed.cgi?tabby" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>
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why do you need to spend $100 on a keyboard ?? surely there are ones available for less than that

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is it feasible for you to get a cheap usb keyboard or something

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interestingly there was an (now-defunct) eisengame that was like this i think. it was called exitium (unrelated to the current game called exitium), and it worked like a cellular automaton, and players could vote on new rules for cell transitions, or something. it no longer exists and the source code is lost iirc.