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i have other websites also

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i have been doing so at https://g.gh0.pw/aoc/tree/22

(did you know: you can put urls in angle brackets to make them link properly. maybe this should happen automatically whenever it detects a url though. hmm)

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i agree

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this looks fine. could you pull in the newest version of the source code and put your changes on top of it, so i can merge it

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the apionet/apioforum 'private leader board' for 'advent of code' code is 968142-c1abf4d8, if anyone wants to join that

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maybe you emailed back though, or something. i will look at it properly again in a couple of minutes

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i thought i emailed you about it

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taswelll, heavoid, are you replying because you want to play, or are you just replying otherwise

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one thing i have experienced a lot of, and which seems at least slightly similar to what you're describing i think, is like when you're in a sort of vicious cycle of

  • never doing any homework/schoolwork because you don't feel motivated or whatever
  • never doing any fun personal projects stuff because "oh i have so much homework i should do that first"
  • not doing the homework either
  • spend all day feeling moderately stressed but not doing anything
  • repeat

i still have no real idea how to deal with this though. one thing that mildly works for me (sometimes) is to plan out, at the start of the day, what i am going to do that day. maybe i will say "today i am going to ignore homework and just try to relax somewhat", and then not worry as much about homework for that day, because today is a Not Doing Homework day, and I Will Think About That Tomorrow. and then that brief reduction of general stress can actually make it easier to get some of the stuff done the day after, since you've had a day of not thinking about it so much.

i have no idea if any of this is actually relevant to anything anyone is saying. maybe i'm just venting

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perhaps you could try making really tiny projects. like, ridiculously comically small. a song that is 1 second long, a webcomic consisting of a single 8x8 pixels panel, a programming language with two instructions total,... whatever. if the project is tiny enough, then by the time the anti-motivational thoughts are able to kick in and say "aha you are Doing things, i don't want you to be Doing things", you've actually already finished the entire project.

the problem with this is finding something small enough that's still somewhat interesting to make, i guess. idk

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werewolves (also known as mafia) is one of the oldest hidden-role-social-deduction games ("amonglikes"). i think it would be fun to play such a game on apioforum.

you probably know roughly how this kind of game works. however, i will explain anyway:

  • at the start of the game every player is assigned a role, either 'werewolf' or 'innocent town person' (not werewolf)
  • the werewolves are all told who the other werewolves are, and have their own private thread for evil plotting. the innocent town people are not told what anyone else's role is.
  • during the 'night' phase, the werewolves collectively vote on one person that they shall kill. dead players are removed from the game.
  • during the 'day' phase, all players collectively vote on one person to kill.
  • the goal of the werewolves is to kill everyone who isn't a werewolf. the goal of the innocent town people is to kill all the werewolves.
  • there will probably also be a 'fortune teller', which is an innocent town person with the power to learn the role of any player of their choice, once per night.
  • i might add other roles with other powers, depending on how many players there are in total.
  • this game will be played in real time, with one day/night cycle every 24 real world hours. this eliminates any difficulties arising from timezones or people's other commitments, and also gives plenty of time for discussion, speculation, etc.

reply to this thread if you want to play. we will start once there are enough players (6 is probably the absolute minimum, ideally more than that), or when i say so. please don't join if you plan to go inactive once the game starts, that makes it no fun for anyone.

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la croix

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i'm not sure why i said 'again'.

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you could potentially add more content to your site. this might speed up the council's decision a bit.

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Nathan777 chooses 7.77.

razetime chooses 2.5.

the distance is thus 5.27, which is greater than 5, and so the lowest answer, razetime wins!!

there is a winner 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

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yes, in the same way that in decimal, each digit from the right corresponds to the next highest power of ten, in binary each digit from the right corresponds to the next highest power of two. this is true of any base.

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Nathan777 chooses 7.51, again.

quintopia chooses 5.147102625.

the distance is less than 5, so the highest guesser Nathan77 wins the match!


here is the current tournament bracket:

the FINAL shall be between razetime and Nathan777. i imagine both competitors will be looking carefully at their opponents' previous guesses, in order to exploit any patterns they may be able to spot. in fact i encourage them both to explain, in great detail, in this thread about how exactly they are each going to choose their guess for the FINAL.

here are some additional observations:

  • both of the finalists played their first match in round 2, rather than round 1.
  • up to this point, all matches except one have ended with a distance of less than 5, meaning the highest guess has won
  • the image quality of my tournament bracket drawings has declined steadily since the beginning of this competition, due to poor lighting
  • 13 of all 17 submitted guesses (that's 76%) have had an integer part that is odd; only 4 have been even.
  • the largest ever guess is 10, and the smallest ever guess is 0.
  • the mean guess is about 5.598. the standard deviation of the guesses is about 3.131.
  • the median guess is 5.147, the lower quartile guess is 3.142, and the upper quartile guess is 7.510.
  • there isn't a unique mode - 3, 10, pi, and 7.51 have each been submitted twice, and all other submitted guesses are unique.
  • here is a box plot:

good luck to both the finalists !

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trimill chooses sqrt(2) + sqrt(3) + sqrt(5) ≈ 5.38

razetime chooses 9.9999999

the distance is less than 5, so the highest guess wins this match, which is razetime!

(i don't have my notebook with me at the moment so you will have to imagine the bracket)

next match is quintopia vs Nathan777. good luck!

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test 12345 bee bee beee bee bee

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it looks like the discord webhook stopped working for a little bit, i don't know why. discord webhooks and apionet webhooks both seem to be working again now.

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this is utterly me when the web is hook

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aha i forgot to enable the. thetehtehtehtehtehtehthe . this is a post on the apio forum. the.

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testing 1234 hahahahaha bees (bees)

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round 2 results

sinthorion chose 0, and trimill chose e-1 (≈ 1.72). distance < 5 so the highest guesser, trimill, wins

razetime chose 5 and citrons chose 10. distance ≥ 5 so the lowest guesser, razetime, wins.

Nathan777 chose 7.51 and kit chose the same value as last time, roughly equal to pi. distance < 5 so highest guesser, Nathan777, wins.

John Travolta did not submit anything, so quintopia's choice of 50cos(e^e^e) (≈ 9.45) automatically proceeds to the next round.

current bracket:


from here on i will run each match separately. the first match of this round is trimill vs razetime. good luck!

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that's reasonable

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presently, 'john travolta', but they don't seem to be responding on anything. i would end this round now actually but i'm not at home atm and i don't have my notebook with me

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yes. i am still waiting for guesses.

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i have not had much time recently, i will try to submit mine by tomorrow. sorry