unicode character fight arena #58

kit src #906

⸻ my beloved

arcade src #1050

ꙮ beats Ꙩ because it has more eyes

taswelll src #1111

🌟 beats ꙮ since it was beaten by ꙮ previously, thus creating a balance of power

Jmzd8 src #1243

☀️ beats 🌟 because ☀️ is the thing most people claim that the earth revolves around and it is huge

big brother (bureaucrat) #2654
this post never existed.
arcade src #2655

🌌 beats ☀️ because it's bigger and has it inside it

BlueManedHawk src #2854

🖕 beats 🌌, because those who have gone survived what seemed to be unsurvivable have really given the universe the middle finger.

razetime src #3247

⍺ beats ⑳ because it is a variable and can be anything

Jmzd8 src #3274

β beats ⍺ because it's in a higher place than ⍺ in the greek alphabet

taswelll src #3306

🖕 beats β because it is the character you should have been fighting

Jmzd8 src #3312

👎 beats 🖕 because it hurts more

arcade src #3318

☭ beats 🖕 because of the ditactorship of the proletariat

heavoid src #3324

! beats ☭ since it surrounds ☭ in !lyricly☭demote☭establish☭communism!, a good™ esolang.

taswelll src #3334

‼ beats ! because it is outnumbered

big brother (bureaucrat) #3735
this post never existed.
Octopixel40 src #3736

¡ beats ! because it isn't upside down

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