unicode character fight arena #58

Theepicosity src #435

welcome to the unicode character fight arena!! the rules are simple:

each person sends a unicode character and has to describe how theirs can beat the previous character. any and all actions are allowed!

i will go first: Ѫ enters the field.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #437

Ѭ is Ѫ but better. it overcomes Ѫ via its iotification.

gollark src #452

⪬ stabs Ѭ, as it is fairly pointy. None are safe.

ultlang src #453

≫ is much greater than; ⪬

hecko src #455

〗captures ≫

gollark src #456

🌟 incinerates 〗in 2*10^30 kg of superheated fusion plasma.

Theepicosity src #469

ꙮ outlives 🌟, for it will be there when it decays and sheds its layers in a planetary nebula, and it will be there for much longer afterwards.

MicrowaveSponge src #471

Ŝ destroys ꙮ because Ŝ is like, sharp

heavoid src #478

s destroys Ŝ as it is smaller and thus can replicate using less space and is more efficient.

amby src #479

s is cool, but z is sharp

heavoid src #481

🪨 is the rock emoji, and rock beats scissors. z is sharp, and thus logically scissors.

ultlang src #486

. destroys 🪨, as it has way better font coverage and can be displayed on all* systems.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #491


now there are two of them, there are two ________

Theepicosity src #494

℻ defeats :

thats just the facts

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #538

℡ beats ℻, because telephones are infinitely more terrifying than fax machines

elemenopi src #542

T beats ℡, because one big letter is more powerful than three smaller letters

taswelll (edited ) src #553

Ͳ beats T because it looks cooler

ultlang src #554

𝍰 beats Ͳ, as it extends even further down and thus is logically even cooler.

taswelll src #649

𝍱 beats 𝍰 because more spikes ∴ more better

Jmzd8 (edited ) src #702

𝍭 beats 𝍱 because the spikes are all standing up, while 𝍱 has one on it's side while the others carry it. therefore, better. (in certain fonts, it is)

heavoid src #710

5 beats 𝍭 since it's a far better way of representing said integer.

gollark src #711

8 beats 5 by a factor of 1.6.

taswelll src #715

9 beats 8 by a factor of 1.3 (approximately)

Jmzd8 src #722

7 beats 9 by eating it

Jmzd8 (edited ) src #853

10 beats 7 because 10 has a greater value than 7 and has more digits

elemenopi src #867

⑩ beats 10 because only 1 unicode character instead of 2

Jmzd8 src #873

⓾ beats ⑩ because it has more rings around it and therefore, cooler

Jmzd8 src #905

⑳ beats ⓾ because it is a higher number

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