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i would like to bring up again the zoology forum request because i think that could be a pretty interesting forum for discussion/sharing of information

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℻ defeats :

thats just the facts

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ꙮ outlives 🌟, for it will be there when it decays and sheds its layers in a planetary nebula, and it will be there for much longer afterwards.

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welcome to the unicode character fight arena!! the rules are simple:

each person sends a unicode character and has to describe how theirs can beat the previous character. any and all actions are allowed!

i will go first: Ѫ enters the field.

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yay! thanku ubq

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yes i agree with this

i have two ideas for subforae:

  • forum games

  • zoology-based subforum, but unlike our current zoology threads its actually a place to share and discuss interesting facts about animals

(also following subforae/threads/users)

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i just chose a number completely at random

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i think bat would win because it has echolocation

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this is a poll. which of these would win in an informed debate. (discuss)

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mi pana e pilin

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1 1

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im not sure, whichever one gets me closer to understanding bees

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define instar