instar #35

Theepicosity src #258

define instar

citrons (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #259

is this a request for us to construct a definition for this word or to provide the accurate current definition for this word?

geKo src #260

that sounds like a name for a tech company in a movie

Theepicosity src #261

im not sure, whichever one gets me closer to understanding bees

citrons (bureaucrat) src #267

I do not know how "instar" relates to bees

Wyub (edited ) src #271

yo insto

tú instas

él/ella/usted insta

nosotros/nosotras instamos

vosotros/vosotras instáis

ellos/ellas/ustedes instan

sussybaka src #286

instar (first-person singular present insto, first-person singular preterite insté, past participle instado)

(intransitive) to urge (press someone to do something soon)

    Synonyms: urgir, apretar

(transitive) to insist (repeat a plea)

    Synonym: insistir
heavoid src #1792

to put something into a stellar object; i.e "we should instar SCP-682 already".

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