which one would win #55

which one would win in an informed debate

  1. bear: 0 votes
  2. bird: 3 votes
  3. bee: 5 votes
  4. bat: 1 votes
  5. bean: 3 votes
bird: 3 bee: 5 bat: 1 bean: 3 poll: which one would win in an informed debate option "bear": 0 votes option "bird": 3 votes option "bee": 5 votes option "bat": 1 votes option "bean": 3 votes total votes: 12
Theepicosity src #402

this is a poll. which of these would win in an informed debate. (discuss)

citrons (bureaucrat) src #403

apioforms are highly organized and optimized for fidelitous communication.

ultlang src #404

"#3 - bee" would be the winner, since it has two consecutive es in its name

Theepicosity src #405

i think bat would win because it has echolocation

sussybaka src #409

i like bee

gollark src #415

We've been doing exciting work with bird hiveminds.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #418


Yanqui src #421

there's a bee???????????

hecko src #425


rust src #441

i would like to reiterate the work being done on bird hiveminds as a form of highly advanced lawyer.

asnev (edited ) src #475

i (also pawbeans,,)

heavoid src #477

HTech has been developing bird intelligence clusters as per the [HG]Tech bird hivemind program.

munvoseli src #666

what about bugbears

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