my mom is transphobic, my dad doesn't believe in vitamin supplements, and i'm a disabled uwu uskun (uwuskun, if you will) catgirl

hooray/:c for depression, anxiety, ocd, arfid, executive dysfunction, and weird pains

hooray/c: for autism and headmates (although i haven't seen my headmates in a while)

"i simultaneously cannot stop thinking and don't have enough brain squiggles" - you, circa 2026 (that is a lie, i cannot time travel)

not fluent in french, peejosa, toki pona, or even suŋra

not-expert in:

  • bionicle
  • breadquest

enjoyer of:

  • tiger, tiger
  • she-ra (2018)
  • transformers (specifically, the 2005 idw comic continuity, which has autistic, trans, and gay rep, and also the 1986 movie bc that was just good)
  • the good place
  • el goonish shive
  • celeste
  • team fortress 2
  • katalepsis
  • ninjago
  • mlp g4 series and g5 comics
  • more things, i guess

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estrogen autism!

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autism estrogen

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hmm. i agree with each of these things.

i would suggest you might check out NodeCore (a Minetest game). i don't think it's what you're going for (and i have my own issues with it), but it feels like some issues with minecraft you're describing don't really exist in it.

for example, you build machines, but you're not AFK. almost everything requires some manual upkeep at some point. the machines that don't need much manual upkeep can be so bulky that they're not that worth it to build.

the tech and mechanics that allow you to fully automate things in minecraft (pistons, explosions, low-delay circuitry) just aren't there, and getting materials manually is generally more efficient time-wise, material-wise, and space-wise. you really feel like a part of the world.

but you're not doing everything manually, either. designing machines is a part of playing the game.

my biggest qualm with NodeCore involves the material palette and shape palette. i like how mincraft has walls, fences, trapdoors, slabs, etc in many materials, in addition to decorations, like vines/ladders, flowers. in (vanilla) nodecore you can't build a trans flag because no pink or white materials exist (but there's a mod that gives lots of colors, including pink and white)

my second biggest qualm with NodeCore is the recipe for the rake.

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it was something else actually, and not a bad thing

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i have a brain mri tomorrow so i made this because reasons alfdka potatoes

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the postan

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or whatever

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just finished nona the ninth

it's not entirely clear, but i think that bmVwdHVuZSBpcyBmdWxsIG9mIGJlZXMK since dmFydW4gLT4gdmFydW5hIC0+IG5lcHR1bmUK

this does not contradict Wiki Encyclopedia canon

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the first book in the series was also a mystery but not as mysterious

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reading it was like solving a puzzle and it fits together so cleanly (i still have questions about some things though)

note-taking recommended, but (most of) the story is explained eventually

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you know what, it could be either

i was not brainthing

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spock goes into a volcano because he saw a cool spider. however, spock gets stuck. kirk goes in the volcano to save spock. at this time, kirk was too busy getting gay backrubs from spock to notice that a spider was biting him. they safely leave.

the rest is irrelevant to the clue

later that day, the gravity aboard the enterprise malfunctions. most members of the crew start to float around, but kirk does not. he is concerned, but a graviton scan does not find anomalies. the gravity is fixed.

that night, spock notices a bite on kirk, and advises kirk to go to doctor mccoy.

(i think i will continue this)

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the ghasts continued to lose what personhood they had left as the tethers to their previous selves became wood and nails.

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they tried to find a use for chairs, because they didn't want to throw all the chairs in the garbage.

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consider: use quick-fix on trolldier/roamer, ubersaw the enemy team once, and die

also: would u like to play tf2? (my decency is questionable)

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i suppose that most of what i play is casual

i don't die immediately every time, i exaggerated that. it just happens often enough that i don't feel like i get to interact with the game

on uncletopia, i do notice less snipers, but those that do exist also give the feeling that i don't get to interact with the game

maybe i should try those more mobile loadouts if i get back into tf2. i don't think it feels this way when i'm not playing medic

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this is a general process of stable diffusion:

  1. generate garbage
  2. identify problems with the garbage
  3. fix problems with the garbage
  4. this is garbage 2.0
  5. identify problems with garbage 2.0
  6. fix problems with garbage 2.0
  7. this is garbage 3.0
  8. and so on

this is similar to the process of revision in human writing, wherein

  1. generate garbage
  2. identify big problems with the garbage
  3. fix those problems
  4. now you have something with less idea-errors
  5. do that again, or whatever
  6. now you have idea-good stuff
  7. identify typos in the idea-good stuff
  8. fix the typos
  9. now you have not-garbage

in both processes, there's focus on deeper issues at the start, and focus on shallower issues at the end.

a difference is that while stable diffusion works from a basis of absolute nonsense, humans have a tool called "outlining". the initial garbage that humans generate from outlining is not absolute nonsense.

with stable diffusion, the amount of bytes-or-equivalent remains constant (i think?), while with human outlining, the amount of bytes-or-whatever is greatly variable.

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when i started playing minecraft a few weeks ago, i did it to prove to myself that i could do a difficult thing on a consistent basis.

now, it's like i cannot stop thinking about minecraft. i find this to be frustrating. i no longer have a good time playing it, but i still play it for whatever reason.

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the sniper from team fortress 2, from the perspective of a medic main

you can't defend

you can't hide, not for too long

you have to keep moving, and you have to move erratically

you might get a couple seconds in their line of sight

if you use the vacc (which can give you bullet resistance every so often), a demoknight might charge through your team and one-shot you with a melee crit just because they saw you with it (since the vacc can be considered annoying to play against, but does not protect against melee damage)

sniper is an ever-present threat, even in areas you think you're safe, like inside the spawn building

no one can outsmart bullet

most of tf2 is fun even when you're losing, but this is why i don't really play tf2 anymore.

i want to see what's going on because knowing what's going on is fun, but i need to stay behind cover. even if i stay behind cover most of the time, i need to step into a sightline at some point, and then poof. it's impossible to play against a fast/accurate sniper.

if i get killed by any other class, i feel like it was my fault in some way. you can duck. you can damage-surf. you can watch the flank routes. you have a saw and a crossbow, if you're feeling spicy. but sniper? you can't react. while strategies exist to reduce risk, it's just an inevitability.

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i used to very much dislike c++

but i think that those feelings were only partially founded

while there are things i don't like about c++, and there are things i like that are not in c++, c++ has convenient c abi/sdl2, and more-convenient-than-c dynamic memory management

those things are, like, two of the most important things to me

so potatoes

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(costanza george is responsible for an unusual proportion of all dreams dreamt by dreamers of costanza george)


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anyway do you ever have a dream but it devolves into you and a friend saying "vraiment" at each other over and over

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re: chat history stuffs

i think i now understand how useful it is to reference past conversations. for instance, looking at origins of apioforms, or determining when vibacam died

and the bad incidents i mentioned were dealt with quickly and effectively, and would not pose an issue

i am sorry for putting up a fuss about that