We've got facets from Canvas, Melody, Octavia, Glyph, Paige, Page, Mech, Addy, Maddy, Madeline, Sisko, Tempest, Azalea, and Apricity, although it is most common that only one person is active. I am normally Melody (trying to change that a bit), and we go under the collective name munvoseli.

However, it is more complicated. Melody was the person who inhabited the body two years ago, and has since been in a cryogenic headfreeze. I am a duplicate-ish of Melody that brain made in order to circumvent trauma so that Melody can be restored when we can safely be independent.

I have long since tried to stop figuring out who I am, so I just go by Melody all the time and it seems to work out.

I meme about lots of things, but this is not one.

We program in JS/HTML/CSS and C/SDL2, and play BreadQuest and Celeste.

— munvoseli


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ubq on apionet: iirc Swedish å is "officially" asciified as "aa", but in practise most commonly as "a"

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  • nomic but it's just an mmo (maybe starts out as breadquest) and pull requests are voted on, in addition to in-game rules and out-of-game rules and whatever other rules there are
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i hadn't actually read a lot about it before now but this looks like a fun language

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i went to the wayback machine to see if your website was on it yet

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i have been idly thinking about if a game were a sequel to breadquest but it is lending itself to ubq puns

one route is ultimate breadquest (ubq)

another route, going by the mega man dos thing where it skips the second game, is breadquest 3 (bq3)

i guess those are only 2 ubq puns

i don't know where i am going with this


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i do not have time to figure it out today, because the file size mod (80 * 60) is not 4 and my hypothesis may be incorrect

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i am thinking this video is 80x60 pixels

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i like it for its phonetics when i say it in my head, but unfortunately i cannot personally co-articulate /m/ and /n/ with my physical mouth the same way

in terms of meaning-vibes, nemorous

but that might also have to do with its vowel similarity to one of my favorite bionicle characters, and even more nasals

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(x-1)(x-9) is the solution for x2-10x+9 if it's a factorization problem

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i don't really have a feeling but i assume that if i had a feeling i would be a furry

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you added too much basse

it is funny because pink noise is white noise but with more low sounds

and titrations and pink when you add too much alkaline substance


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isn't NaN a part of the float spec

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72 bc 36 * ratio, 24 * ratio

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i am sorry, i am less mad at statistics now

like, not actually less mad, just less current-mad

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i am so stupid

i just checked the xkcd countdown tracker because i was bored, forgetting the following things:

  • it has ended

  • i was in charge of it

  • if there was anything new i would have known about it

i have also concluded the following things:

  • i should make a blog with the express purpose of forgetting that i made it, checking it to see if there was anything new and interesting, remembering that i made it, and continue to not make new or interesting things so that i can be even more disappointed in mysefl

  • bees

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Count Wim Rikmef is revealed to be Gnome Ann on 19 January 2038

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i wish it did not

i want to be free

but it hard

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i have received a reddit mail about the uwu button

"Sorry. Just wanted to give you a heads up that it looks like some github user has hacked your xkcd countdown page."

more than one reddit user is concerned about this because there's also a post on the subreddit lol

munvoseli (edited ) #1015

yesss i have succeeded

are there any improvements that could be made to the uwu button

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what do you think of the uwu button

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construct an in-world shrine to honor them

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i have consulted a friend and they said that it could be hard to put down after Night Out, which is mid-2003

munvoseli #993

you must blow on icosahedrons for their favor

munvoseli #987

but it has some really good moments too

like in 2014 there was a comic that was found to be the most favorite comic in a 2019 egs community survey

it just takes some time to get there