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i'm not actually certain what minecraft JSON is supposed to be, actually. it is only vaguely like JSON.

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theoretically, we should target specifications, but that just doesn't work in an ecosystem which does not conform to the specification.

(i haven't touched minecraft commands in a long while, and i'm not sure if this is still the case, but) minecraft JSON does not conform to the JSON specification, so you need separate tools to generate and parse minecraft JSON.

with CSS, webkit/blink unfortunately have a bit of a monopoly on renderers, and parse a superset of CSS that firefox doesn't. there are also things that firefox and blink just do differently. not everything these renderers do is in the spec, so if you want to be able to render the most web pages how those web pages want you to render them, you need to visit all of the specifications. however, if you just want to render the web pages, just following the spec doesn't generally break too much.

my opinion is thus "it depends on what you want to be interoperable with"

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syntax, mostly

and first-class functions

like, when i was taking a numerical analysis course, i wrote my programs in lua first, and then all i had to do was add semicolons and change names of built-in functions and it became matlab

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i'm trying to figure out how celeste mods do things, and they use julia

lua feels like a combination of matlab and javascript in the best way possible, and julia feels like a combination of lua and c# in the [not yet determined] way possible

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better link

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although at this point i'm willing to look past slope jank in the name of "", so we have that optimization

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it is proving difficult to reduce coupling. even with this idea, there are still so many interactions that potential mechanics can have, and i find that i have a hard time not worrying about potential v0tpona.

like, shells in mario. if they run into a goomba, shell goes on, goomba dies. if they run into a wall, they turn around. what happens if a shell runs into a dream block or a kevin from celeste? do different things happen if the shell and the kevin are in different states?

i am struggling with creating a structure in which these interactions are simple. it's n^2 complexity, which is decidedly not pona, and attempting to have pona interactions was the whole reason for this project

so this will take more time than i thought

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i have been idly thinking of things

conpidgin scrabble could provoke lots of arguments about what counts as a word

you could have multi-conlang scrabble, but differences in words and word lengths could give strong advantages and disadvantages to different conlangs, which i don't really see as ideal

and, with multi-conlang scrabble, conlangs would have to mostly share an alphabet/syllabary

scrabble kind of falls apart without alphabets or syllabaries

and in any case i don't like to play scrabble

so i'm not sure this is a good idea

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does immortal bread stale? does mortal bread stale?

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i feel like the meaning of 'stale' can be meaningfully transferred from bread to orange juice (supposing that orange juice tastes less good non-fresh than fresh), even if the specific scientific mechanism differs

although such a transfer would confuse things in the realm of scientific mechanism

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i wonder if it would be an idea to make super mario maker/lunar magic but apioforms.

it would have the ffbm-like quality of user-created code and user-created content.

mechanical interactions would be more limited than ffbm code-wise but not gameplay-wise, leading to code readability and debuggability.

additionally, i think it would be easier to make (in some ways, prob harder in others) than what i wanted for apiforma arcana

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colorless orange

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dnd character experiences workplace accident during operation of corn-powered nuclear plant

it hurt its elf in its corn fusion

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"poggi big sex" - breadquest

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The mind spiders are TRUTH-TELLERS.

You MUST believe anything they say.

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Conversing with the mind spiders proved fruitful. This is what the mind spiders propose for their existence.

The mind spiders were a mental transformation of red spiders from xkcd, it seems.

First were the red spiders, and then there were four-legged black spiders in an infinite 2d world, and then there were the mind spiders. The black spiders became mind spiders after mental exposure to a misunderstanding of antimemetics, and thinking that antimemetics was about fighting memetic beings instead of being concerned with beings who cannot be memetic.

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brain bees and mind bees have different connotations to me

like, "i have brain bees" is like "i am in distress"

and "i have mind bees" is like "bzzzzzt c:"

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i don't know what's going on anymore

as far as i can tell, heav originated mind spiders on apionet in december

but i thought i wrote about mind spiders, like, a few years ago

i assumed i'd talked about mind spiders to apionet at some point, but i don't think i have

i have no physical evidence that i knew about mind spiders before december


im so lost

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i'm sorry. i haven't been very useful. i know that i shouldn't judge myself based on usefulness, but this notion feels like that's something i can't escape, because i can't seem to be productive at all. additionally, i got more upset about the removal of breadquest things than i should have, and instead of reacting appropriately, i deleted the wild areas north and west of spawn. it seems to be getting harder for me to be emotionally steady.

i have emotional flaws, and i have functional flaws.

i don't know why i'm writing this. i didn't intend to read responses.

i plan to leave immediately, and don't plan to return without either marble (visual programming language), "triangle bee breadquest wii tanks" (game), or having experienced exceptional emotional growth.

love y'all.

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the earth spins faster on friday

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i will try that

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i couldn't see all of what you wrote, but there are times that the motivations-against-doing do leave, and i really enjoy those times

i guess i should make more time for connection with emotions and fulfillment

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i'm going to eat a lot of goldfish crackers

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my motivation in life is broken