my mom is transphobic, my dad doesn't believe in vitamin supplements, and i'm a disabled uwu uskun (uwuskun, if you will) catgirl

hooray/:c for depression, anxiety, ocd, arfid, executive dysfunction, and weird pains

hooray/c: for autism and headmates (although i haven't seen my headmates in a while)

"i simultaneously cannot stop thinking and don't have enough brain squiggles" - you, circa 2026 (that is a lie, i cannot time travel)

not fluent in french, peejosa, toki pona, or even suŋra

not-expert in:

  • bionicle
  • breadquest

enjoyer of:

  • tiger, tiger
  • she-ra (2018)
  • transformers (specifically, the 2005 idw comic continuity, which has autistic, trans, and gay rep, and also the 1986 movie bc that was just good)
  • the good place
  • el goonish shive
  • celeste
  • team fortress 2
  • katalepsis
  • ninjago
  • mlp g4 series and g5 comics
  • more things, i guess

— munvoseli


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We would like to join GEORGE as "munvoseli"

We would like our color to be #789

Our Discord username is canvas-melody#3250, and we would indeed like to be given the GEORGE role on the Discord server.