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there should have been a new frame by now ono ono

i do not understand ;-;

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haha i made it ncurses instead of just output to console

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i put tofu in my salad

but i do not put salad dressing on my salad bc i have never tried salad dressing

this has resulted in dry salad

but then

they changed the tofu

and now the tofu is juicy/watery

so my salad is not dry

it is very good

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100th frame

my mind was never ok but now it is not ok but even more

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it is my absolute most confident prediction that the thing in the top-right corner is a cloud and not a plane-eating bird

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the ocean must have doors

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it is clearly a sound (geography)

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there is a black patch in the lower right corner

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i am luwusing it rn

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the camera or the shape took a sharp turn (best viewed in the animation)

i am so tired of doing this and looking at the xkcd subreddit causes me to either lose hope in myself or people in general so everything is fine lol

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it appears to be not a spider, because it appears to be disconnected on the left

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just wanted you to know your existence is loved

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i have viewed the memetic apioform page. i am happy now.

i have linked to that page on my website.

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the spiders have 6 legs but we only see 2 right now so maybe it will not be

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perhaps the red spiders are coming back

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what if it is a rectangle with 3d projection

that would mean it is a rectangle

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here is my xkcd countdown tracker


if i am talking about megalovania, that is because i have my program play a song whenever i am disconnected from the internet. my computer disconnects from my access point due to access point issues, and song-playing was implemented to wake me up or alert me while i am already awake to reconnect my computer to the internet

i previously posted this on reddit, but it was far less popular than posts which contained only a screenshot of the countdown timer

after that, also on reddit, i posted a screenshot of the countdown timer and linked the website in the comments, and the post was popular

i have decided that i do not like this and apioforum > reddit

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you do not have to read el goonish shive

it is not a requirement

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also you should read el goonish shive it is good and coming up on its 20th anniversary in like a week

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spoilers for stargate and egs

also maybe star trek at the end

The immortals in EGS are the same general thing as the Ancients/Ori (ascended beings) in Stargate. It is just that they have different self-imposed limitations and exist in different places.

Part 1

In the main EGS universe, the immortals have the law that they can only empower and guide people, and that they should reset (wipe most of their memories) every so often.

In an alternate EGS universe, these beings are called ancients (iirc) and have a different law thingy. Might reset, idk.

In the main Stargate universe, the Ancients have a similar empower/guide/non-interference rule, but do not have the reset thing.

If the immortals do the memory-wiping, but the Ancients don't, that could be why most of the Ancients are really not feeling mentally up to any task, and why they don't do anything about anything. They've "seen so much in so many places, so many heartaches, so many faces," and they're just depressed.

Part 2

also iirc at least a couple of the Ancients were Greek or Roman gods, the "builders of the roads". it was SG-1 season 2, like The Fifth Race or something

There's an immortal who calls himself Zeus after resetting, presumably every time he resets. It is possible that, long ago, he called himself Zeus and was the real Zeus until he named himself not to be Zeus anymore.

Part 3

In EGS, all magic users are descended from immortals. In Stargate as well, it seems like the magic user (Adria) is a child of the Ori and the human Vala.

Part 4

There's also something up with the Q from Star Trek. Both the Ancients (SG-1 season 7 or 8 finale?) and the Q (in Voyager) have brought humans to a corporeal representation of their reality. DeLancie Q had a child with magic powers, although I'm not sure that we've seen a Q have a child with a human.

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! hoodener !

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the power of 2 selected is random

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In the absence of the numbers 113, 137, 57, 12, and 43, I must choose a power of 2.

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we are

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It is done.

Thank you so much!

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