feet names #351

blitceed (edited ) src #3349



concrete slappers

grass gremlins

gravel grippers

carpet cleaners

hard floor whackers

gym floor grinders

dirt collectors

rug rubbers

asphalt assaulters

dust devils

night howlers

concrete crusaders

tile treaders

field frolickers

tarmac ticklers

soul suckers

cleat clappers

boot bouncers

moccasin monsters

sand sifters

high heel hollers

pebble plunderers

parking lot permeators

road ravagers

pavement paddlers

mulch munchers

kit src #3352

or you know, you can just call them feet

ultlang src #3354

not since the accident

blitceed src #3355

where's the fun in calling them feet?

taswelll src #3356


blitceed src #3357

what's your guys's favorite foot name

blitceed src #3358

from that list

BlueManedHawk src #3359

leg hands

razetime src #3374

definitely shoe hangers

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