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i'm sorry. i haven't been very useful. i know that i shouldn't judge myself based on usefulness, but this notion feels like that's something i can't escape, because i can't seem to be productive at all. additionally, i got more upset about the removal of breadquest things than i should have, and instead of reacting appropriately, i deleted the wild areas north and west of spawn. it seems to be getting harder for me to be emotionally steady.

i have emotional flaws, and i have functional flaws.

i don't know why i'm writing this. i didn't intend to read responses.

i plan to leave immediately, and don't plan to return without either marble (visual programming language), "triangle bee breadquest wii tanks" (game), or having experienced exceptional emotional growth.

love y'all.

mb src #3729

*hugs* (optional)

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3730

I enjoy your presence, and I'm not sure why you're leaving. taking a break from things can be healthy, but it doesn't seem like you plan to do that. do fare well, in any case. <3

what breadquest things were removed?

razetime src #3731

Latching self-worth to a project has not helped me in the past, but breaks from the avalanche of media online have been of help. good luck to you, munvoseli.

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