i wish to GEORGE it up #340

  GEORGE application
spooka src #3208

name: spooka

color: orange (FF7B00)

link: https://spooka-001.github.io/

discord: Spooka#2990

spooka src #3240


razetime src #3246

omg possum enjoyer i agree.

mb src #3305

spooka: it may take a while (perhaps even >1 month)

chiitopia src #3391

true! i had to wait 6 years for mine to get accepted! /j

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #3392

if you want your application to proceed faster you should add more content to your site

kit src #3393

or dont be a fuckup like me /lh

(not saying u are just listing reasons why people could be delayed)

spooka src #3409

ubq: I'm working on it with merrybot we've just been busy with other projects and school

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #3410

that's reasonable

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